‘Burn The Quran Day’ A Waste Of Intelligence

The holy month of Ramadhan is coming to a close and by sundown tonight, Muslims in this first half of the world will begin to weep tears of  sadness with the end of Ramadhan.

A whole month of fasting for most of us and I’m sure for many of us like myself, there will be many regrets for not being able to fulfill and take advantage of the rewards promised in this month.

As Muslims the world over celebrate Ramadhan, we’re also turned towards a certain development which has been growing in attention in Florida, United States whereby a church minister has promised to dedicate every September 11 beginning with 2010 as ‘Burn The Quran Day’.

Reactions have already taken place around the world condemning the act. Even the Obama’s administration has spoken up against it just as most world leaders have. Reactions have been different throughout the world. In Malaysia and Indonesia, Muslims are expected to take to the streets to protest against the act whilst here in Singapore, we haven’t heard a single word from the authorities.

As always, Singapore never wants to get involved and remains passive.

What do I think about this ‘Burn The Quran Day’?

Well, I actually think that Muslims shouldn’t need to react to what Minister Dr Terry Jones said. His actions have only showed what kind of an individual he is, one that is not well-read nor well-informed. He obviously doesn’t know that the September 11 was orchestrated by the Bush administration together with Mossad. I’m sure he’ll be pretty embarassed if he knew about that because Bush is not a Muslim and is a Christian like himself.

I honestly believe that for Muslims to take to the streets to protest is only giving this Minister the attention that he has been hoping for to make him into a celebrity of sorts. We should just feel pitiful for him and ignore him. Besides, burning the quran is the only proper method of disposing it to ensure that no quranic verses has been altered.

Instead, Muslims should perhaps join in this ‘Burn The Quran Day’ to dispose of their old and tattered Qurans. We should stand beside him and tell him and his followers to pass us the Quran because the only problem I have with this is, they don’t take ablution to hold the Quran.

So, we can just help him out with the burning.

Seriously, I hope no Muslim will take to the streets. Don’t waste our time on someone who’s seeking attention for a cause that’s not worth our brains. We should be focusing our energy and intelligence towards how to better educate individuals and communities like him.

Minister Terry said, ‘The only way to salvation is through Jesus’.

I’m sure that won’t hit a good note with the other faiths. We all believe our choice of religion is the path to salvation but how will we know until we die and when or if the day of judgement ever comes.

Here’s a clip of the an interview with Minister Terry.

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