Part 1 (Formative Years)

Born into a family of four, he was the youngest of two and have always been the more adventurous even at a young age with a dare to try attitude.

Religiously educated at Masjid Darul Makmur in Yishun during his Kindergarten days, he is best remembered for his talents in performing arts playing ‘wolf’ in the school play.

His primary school endeavours were just as colourful when he entered ChongFu Primary School. Unrecognisable from the rest of the class, he was often mistakened as a Chinese than a Malay and had mastered basic Mandarin through sitting in Chinese classes whenever his Malay teacher was absent. He also participated and sang on stage with the class in Mandarin at Primary 2. Abdillah had also went on to perform skits and performances in the later years of his primary school life on stage. He was also part of the Malay Dance troupe in primary school.

Not to be outdone in sports, he was also a member of the school’s soccer and athletics team. He had also been scouted to play for Milo, a Centre Of Excellence for Soccer but this was short-lived as his family forbade him to expand his talents in the sporting arena further, preferring that he focus on his studies. He was also a member of the Silat team at Nee Soon East Community Centre.

Aside from sporting talents, he was also a student leader in school. A school Road-Crossing Monitor from Primary 4 – 6, he never failed to turn up early for school to ensure the safety of his peers on the roads. He was also the Science Representative in Primary 6.

Abdillah also developed a sense of literacy and oratory talent when he won 1st Prize in the school’s Malay Story Telling Competition in Primary 4. He went on to win the 2nd and 3rd Prize in Primary 5 and 6 respectively.

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