Part 5 (Employ[er]/[ee])

By sheer luck, almost immediately upon completing his National Service, he met his first business partner online where they ventured on a Wedding Planner’s Business.

In it’s infancy, the business was set-up during the Ramadhan period and thus, focused itself on the making of savouries for sale. Business was good that he had worked from 12pm to 3am everyday to ensure that all orders were met.

Business started to look even better when they received an order to cater for the Malay Heritage Centre’s Hari Raya Celebration but alas, this joy was short-lived as his partners were unable to commit further to the business for personal reasons.

Lost and confused, he was approached by a friend who recommended him a job as a Co-Curricular Programme Executive in which he took up and was eventually attached to National Junior College (NJC) for 2 years.

In NJC, he continued to pursue passion in the performing arts with a special appearance as a cast in the school’s Malay drama performance. He also subsequently performed with A Band Of Teachers (ABOT) in a series of songs and performances for Rock Night.

Abdillah was also part of the Inaugural Singapore International Science Challenge Competition (SISC) committee as the 2nd Operations In-Charge. As the 2nd In-Charge, together with his team, they had to secure locations to house international participants, manage the operations room and ensure that participants were able to leave and arrive safely at their destinations.

As he worked closely with the PE Department, he was very often an inclusion into the activities that the PE Department organized. He helped to organise and facilitate students in the annual Youth Leaders Training Camp (YLTC) and was also part of the organizing committee for the school’s Road Run. Close to the end of his tenure, he had also assisted to coach the NJC Girl’s Soccer team during the off-season.

He also worked very closely with the PE and IT Department and together, developed a more comprehensive recording system beyond what MOE was offering to ensure that all student CCA/CIP records could be consolidated under one portal and downloaded easily to be used for scholarship applications.

At the end of two years, Abdillah left NJC to pursue his career and life-long ambitions.

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