Can You Read Your Palm?

About 3 years ago in the year 2007, whilst I was in Bangkok, Thailand at the home of my foster parents, I was treated to a session of palm reading. Palm reading by my foster father who used to be a Buddhist and worked as a palm reader before converting to Islam.

He never stopped palm reading, that was the only skill he had and even as a Muslim, well, let’s just say that there weren’t much opportunities for religious education about Islam and hence, he was pretty much a Muslim in the unknown.

When he palm read my hands, he told me that I’d meet the one whom I’d settle down with when I’m 26. She’d be someone fair skin, tall and held a good position in office.

Close to 3 years on, I realise that I haven’t met anyone who possessed all these characteristics and I’m nearing 26. Well, as Muslims, we’re taught never to believe in predictions anyway.

Curious as I was, I decided to do my own palm reading just for fun and here are the results.

As a general rule, Males below 30 should read their left palm and Females under 30, the right. Information should be supplemented by reading your opposite palm thereafter. The first palm you read indicates what you were born with and the other palm indicates the changes and improvements in your life.

Life Line

I’ve strong vitality, good immune system and is better off working in an environment that requires more brain-power than physical work and I will lead a very much energetic and romantic life.

Head Line

I am someone who is decisive, has a determinative personality, able to handle adventurous and erratic situations and I tend to outsmart others and cause self-inflicted troubles! My education is also affected because of a bad environment.

Heart Line

I am someone who’s affection is more spiritual than physical. I am also someone who’s emotion is delicate and gentle.

Marriage Line

I will get married quite late in life.

Career Line

Relationship problems will cause my career to end! But I’m good for more than one career opportunity.

Sun Line

I have plenty of interests with no particular focus.

I don’t have a Health Line, Accident Line and a Villain Line.. Phew..

I have a Rebellion Line indicating that I have a stubborn and unyielding personality. For individuals who are unethical and malicious, they pose a threat to the community.

About my palm:

I will be rich. I am healthy but I have bad blood circulation. I am educated, romantic and prominent in the arts.

NOTE: Okay, these are all just fun readings. Not to be taken seriously. They may or may not be true.

If you wish to try to read yourself, this is where I got it from:

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