Part 2 (Growing Up)

Abdillah had made his selection for secondary school early on preferring to choose the most unlikely school amongst all in the neighbourhood, North View Secondary School.

He had based his selection on his intention to be a gangster as North View Secondary boasted of gang members and he had made such a selection to ensure that he could be one.

Alas, this was not to be.

Selected by his teacher, he was made the Class Chairperson in Secondary 1 and was forced to curb his intentions to be a gangster. He then embarked on a life-changing journey when he registered for 3 CCAs; NPCC, NCC and School Band.

Forced to join NCC (Air), he was humiliated in front of the whole school when his name was called out because he refused to go for the medical screening. Things then took a change as he went up the ranks to attain the rank of Staff Sergeant (UDI) and was also the 3rd-in-command when he graduated. He had also officiated the school’s 1999 NDP Parade as it’s Parade Commander and had represented his school, unit and nation in the Biennial North View NCC (Air) – Victoria, Melbourne Air Cadet Exchange Programme in 2000.

For this, he was also featured in the Straits Times and Berita Harian and was also interviewed by local radio, Warna 94.2fm on his return to share his experiences during the trip.

More than just a disciplined individual, he was also a member of the Youth Flying Club. Abdillah was also a member of the Questa Club, Chess Club and was also active in representing his house, Falcon House, for every school occasion.

Passionate in sports, Abdillah was also a member of the school’s Track & Field Team and had represented the school in the Inter-School Cross-Country Run and Nike Swift Run. He also represented the school in the Long Jump event and 4x400m relay in the SPH Relay and SSC Inter-School Track & Field Competition.

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