Part 8 (Currently)

Since leaving his job at NJC, Abdillah has embarked on a path that he finds much happiness and love.

He has conducted Speech & Drama workshops, Public Speaking workshops and Creative Writing workshops, all in the Malay language. This couldn’t have been possible had he not been approached by Noor Hasnah Adam (Goh Chok Tong Awardee) to assist her to conduct the workshops.

He has also managed to step in as a Relief PE Teacher with Ministry of Education to fuel his passion in sports and youths. This wouldn’t have been possible if not for his good contacts in NJC’s PE Department.

He has also rediscovered a love for writing having been engaged by working individuals to help them complete their school assignments as well as writing notes on a variety of topics and posting them on his FaceBook page. This was by mere chance that someone was looking for him to write for them.

He has also been given the opportunity to work in Suria, MediaCorp on huge projects; Pesta Perdana 10, Anugerah, Fiesta Suria, Suria Elektra. This couldn’t have been possible had his friend not been working in the company.

He has also had his hands dirty sitting cats whilst the owners are away on holiday. This was a very eventful assignment and couldn’t have been possible had his friend not known that he loved cats.

He has also hosted more events and has also been assistant to a much sought after photographer.

Abdillah has in more ways than one, been lucky to have good contacts to help him build his portfolio for the areas that he is passionate about.

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