PCF handout another marketing strategy

If there’s something that anyone in marketing knows, they’ll know that targeting the younger ones makes up for a better investment strategy.


Younger people are less mature in thinking and are guided emotionally and/or mentally by something that they can connect with better that makes them happy.

An easy example of successful marketing to the young and using the young as leverage to inherit better returns on investment is McDonalds!

McDonalds has always been a haven for the kids for the Happy Meals and indoor recreational park at their restaurants which other restaurants never pioneered. When kids tell their parents they want McDonalds, parents give in because otherwise, the kid would throw a tantrum and create a scene. Hence, since young, these kids, like myself grow over the years accustomed to McDonalds and would spend our money on the first thing that comes to our minds when we’re hungry and when we need food fast – McDonalds. It’s psychologically inbuilt until such time when we’re more matured in thinking and we realize that McDonalds no longer has any value for us any longer, therefore, we seek other more feasible alternatives.

Now, turning into the context of what this entry’s purpose is for.

After the recent announcement of $9,000 for NSmen, we all wondered, what’s next?

Well, next is here.

PAP Community Foundation (PCF), famous for educating our very young and connecting them with the government has recently announced that they will be disbursing $1.1 million to 1000 students studying at ITE, Polytechnics and Junior Colleges residing in 4-room HDB flats or smaller with a per capita household income not more than $450/mth. This scheme will be reviewed 5 years from now.

These students will receive $90/mth for a year. The money’s not much but for students who are in such dire circumstances, any money given will no doubt be appreciated and well remembered, especially when it helped ensure you make it through school on a much smoother journey.

So, if you still haven’t discovered what the carrot is and how it’s being used, here’s how.

The government is focusing on these youths with hopes that they will vote them back to power in the next General Elections, slated to be 5 years from now or before 2012, depending on when our upcoming GE will take place. By then, these youths will be legal by law to vote. Numbers may just be 1000, but the residual or ripple effect caused by this scheme will be far-reaching.

This is planning ahead.

Of course, if the current government doesn’t get a majority vote at this next General Election, they are hoping that these youths will vote them back into full majority.

And you’re wondering why not give the same carrot to those who are better or slightly well-off?

If you are kind to the poor and suffering, you’d gain sympathy and acknowledgement that you’re a nice and worthy of praise right? That’s all the impression that you need on the surface. Even if you have misdeeds which run contrary to the good and standards of society, if you treat the poor and suffering well, you deserve a good chance for repentance.

Get my drift?

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