Part 4 (Boy to Man)

Abdillah was enlisted into the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on 14 June 2004 to much happiness of his parents who wanted him to be in the police instead of army.

Almost immediately, Abdillah was selected as the Permanent Squad Leader of his squad, Squad 29. His first task was to ensure that all his squad members was able to march in-sync and perform foot drills. He led this group for 6 months and passed out as a Neighbourhood Police Centre Officer holding the rank of Corporal.

Attached to Woodlands Neighbourhood Police Centre, Abdillah was exposed to the world of policing and learnt quickly how to handle difficult complainants and put to good use his unarmed tactics.

Recognized for being a sportsmen, he represented his NPC in various Intra-Division Sports Competition; Beach Volleyball (Quarter-Finals), Sepak Takraw (Champion), Soccer and Track & Field (Long Jump).

He was also the first NSF ever to have been given the responsibility to conduct Crime Prevention Talks to schools and was also selected by his Team Leader to co-host his team’s Kindergarten Day which was attended by then Jurong Division Commander, Supt Zuraidah Abdullah.

Not only was Abdillah active, he was also a fine officer and received several Commanders Award for Good Arrests and was also awarded the Ministry of Home Affairs Award for the arrest of an attempted murder case which was subsequently featured on Crime Watch.

As a fine officer, he represented his NPC in the Intra-Division StreetCraft Competition and was awarded 1st Runner-Up. Subsequently, he was one of the two NSF to be selected by the division to represent the division in the Inter-Division StreetCraft Competition where they were awarded 2nd Runner-Up. (StreetCraft is a competition which tests officers skills in the use of unarmed tactics, baton tactics and use of pistol as well as handcuffs in high and low risk situations. The competition is conducted in simulation based tests and also includes written test.)

However, his reputation as an exemplary officer was marred when one of his accused escaped from his legal custody during his watch. Although arrested within minutes of escape, the arrest came too late as a 999 call had been made and officers from nearby divisions had been despatched to assist in apprehending the subject. This case resulted in the island-wide implementation of the use of Hand and Wrist Restraint when moving accused between destinations.

It was also during this period where he served his National Service when he began volunteering for a local Malay/Muslim organisation, Yayasan Mendaki, in their Youth-In-Action Programme.

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