Is Tuition Truly Effective?

We’ve all gone through tuition at some point of time in our student lives. I started attending tuition or extra classes since Primary 4 with on a weekly basis with MENDAKI through the Mendaki Tuition Scheme (that’s what it’s called now, MTS). I remember it was held every Saturday afternoon at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School and I had really awesome classmates, one of which I remember clearly his name, Munshi, because he taught me the word “Bhutto” (the Prime Minister).

I had an objective for attending tuition:


Totally unrelated to studies. It didn’t help too because we never really focused on what was happening in class. I was just, never interested. I’d participate and contribute in class but I was more interested in listening to stories that my tutor had to tell rather than the information, related to the subject. Reflecting back, I didn’t need tuition. I could cope with the subjects on my own. I had, wasted my parents money on it.

I stopped attending tuition after Primary 6 even though my parents thought that it would be good if I continued but I knew better then that it was a waste of money and insisted that I stopped going for any tuition. My grades didn’t improve at all even after attending tuition. In fact, my grades improved tremendously when I did self-studying and with friends who were just as motivated to do well in their studies. We weren’t the smartest of the lot in Secondary School, but we studied everyday after school for the GCE O Level exams 2 months before the exams and my Mathematics (what other subject could a Malay be terrible in right?) improved from a C6 during Prelims to a B4!

Just imagine how much more of an improvement it could have been if I had started studying on my own, with my friends much earlier.

I’m not sure how’s the situation like for students these days who attend the Mendaki Tuition Scheme or those who engage a private tutor at their home. I hope parents are not wasting their money on their kids nor do I hope the kids are wasting their time sitting through an hour or two trying to cramp into their brains what their tutors try to feed into them.

I know some kids would say they have improved tremendously but for most? Is it really because of tuition or something else?

So, if you’re reading this, lets discover if “Tuition is Indeed Effective”.

Here’s an online survey form, it’s only 10 questions!

I will share the findings of this survey once I get at least 50 responses! (Not a lot, but the maximum the online version allows is 100 anyway)

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