This entry should be read from the viewpoint of entertainment purposes only. There has been no intention to cause purposeful shame to anyone mentioned or referred to.



The Community Leaders Forum (CLF), conducted annually saw it’s closure for the year with reports from the Forward Planning Exercise (FPE) being presented to an audience at National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Centre.

The event was graced by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, son to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

The CLF is the longer arm stretched out from the once popularly used term, KBE or Knowledge-Based Economy. KBE is of course, as relevant as it was in the past due to globalization but the CLF has it’s focus on four key main areas namely Youth, Family, Education and Employability.

Whilst the community lauds the efforts put in by individuals involved in the working groups. These individuals are recognised for their enthusiasm to step forward and be seen to want to help the community. However, there are many others who have contributed to the success of the Malay community in areas which have been shun by the Asian society.

Where am I driving at here?

The Singapore Malay Porn industry.

Whilst the government awards individuals for their talents on the international and regional stage, they have forgotten about the smaller subset group of talented actors and movie-makers who have had their short films publicized like wild-fire to other parts of the region passing through red tape like nobody’s business.

Couples, Individuals and Groups have worked hard to produce better quality short films with the advancement of technology and have attained recognition and popularity at levels never before seen.

These ‘stars’ have also been popularly emulated by other more popular celebrities who want in, in this off-the-beaten track type of media which engages and entertains audiences for longer period of time.

Henceforth, we need to recognise these talents for their efforts through an informal awards ceremony I like to call, ‘Anu-Geram!’.

And here are the nominees that perhaps deserve to be in for contention.

  • Singapore’s Malay community had it’s first big break into the porn industry with the release of the much popular video involving the lady who worked at Singapore’s Changi Airport with a guy who was bald. The video, though of bad quality, inherent from the technology of yesteryears, did not fail to entertain it’s audiences and was the topic to be discussed even at official functions.
  • This next starlet did not just make it to the screens of mobile phones, her enthusiasm during her sexual acts also earned her a song title named after her. This next one that deserves to be in this list is of course, ‘Papa Jahat’.
  • If the previous one made it to the local radio stations with a song, this next one perhaps deserves more because the video was named after a popular hip hop artist simply because our star’s nipple/areola was deserving of that hip hop artist fame. If you still haven’t guessed it, it’s ’50 Cent’.
  • Having received much admiration for being all-naturals, our civil service officers couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to perhaps make a big break from the routine lifestyle of uniform group. The next one is perhaps a personal favourite of mine since we were from the same ‘family’, it goes out to our Singapore Civil Defence Force Staff Sergeant lady who was doing the deed to an NSmen in the bunk!
  • We’ve had a good variety of people on this list, our service sector also deserves to go into this list. Who better to serve than those who bring you your meals 24/7. I think you know who I’m referring about here. It’s the McDonald’s crew at the staircase! Best part of this, this was OUR first Gang Bang video! 3 guys and a girl in Mcdonald’s uniform!
  • Good variety so far but who’s next that’s deserving then? She’s underaged but she’s got guts to go on screen, probably more guts than I have. I’m referring to our girl from Chua Chu Kang Secondary School in the car! So brave was she that she was in her school uniform. Last I heard, she’s been sent to Pesantren in Indonesia! Guess she won’t be able to receive this award in person.

I’m not done just yet! Just a few more to go.

  • Since we’ re on the student topic, here’s another student. She’s rumoured to have been from Republic Polytechnic. No. Not the one in exposing her photos at the Admiralty Park. She’s the Jurong West girl who bravely engaged in intercourse whilst being recorded and whilst recording herself as well! 2 guys and a girl!
  • This final one here deserves due credit for her acting abilities. Definitely well trained from her appearances on mainstream television, she knew camera angles well and gave the audiences an entertainment of a lifetime. More than that, she even managed to break into the English media with a Front Page and a 2-page full spread article in The New Paper. Who am I referring to? It’s our girl who was a part-time actress in MediaCorp, Nadia Fazlini!

I don’t think we’ll be seeing her again though on the mainstream television!

It’s been quite interesting hasn’t it?

I’m sure there’s more videos out there that has yet to be uncovered, but if you have suggestions on who else should be on this ‘Anu-Geram!’ list, join the Facebook group page, ‘Singapore Malay Porn – ‘A Progressive Malay Society’.

It’s time that we ‘Recognise and Unearth Hidden Local Talents in Singapore’s Malay Community which have been shun by community-at-large’.

If you have videos to contribute, do send me an email.

Now, when shall we have a vote for categories?

2 thoughts on “Anu-Geram!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t keep such videos… Anyways, who would want to declare online here that they have in their possession such videos? You’d only be courting trouble from the law. hahaha..

      But those videos are readily available online at forums…


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