Don’t Get ‘Mind Fucked’

The men have been given substantial information when it comes to criticism of the opposite sex but how fair will it be for the ladies whom we critique?

I’ve already discussed about the existence of ‘Cock Teasers’ who cruelly and painfully torture us, men.

What about the ladies then?

If there’s a ‘cock teaser’ association for the ladies, well, the men have what’s called, ‘Mind Fucking’.

The term is rather vulgar but there honestly isn’t any other suitable substitute for this word because of the nature of what it is capable of.

Bearing in mind that when women first enter into a new relationship with a man, she would have at the very least gotten herself in a mental predicament whereby she doesn’t use a lot of her brains but rather focuses on the usage of her emotions.

I’m not trying to bring women down but how many women, with the exception of ‘Alpha Females’ actually say something different from, “Anything is fine” or “Up to you” or any other phrase along the lines of, “I leave it to you to plan”.

Those phrases when mentioned also comes together with the package of a voice that screams, ‘I like you’ and a body language that says, ‘I really just want to spend more time with you’. (There are some women who are just lazy to plan or think though)

Well of course, men being savage beasts with raging testosterones would love to hear that their plan to get into bed with you would be met with the same response and while some would dare and succeed, many would rather play it a bit safer and to approach the same objective on a slightly different path – The Gentlemen’s Path.

The Gentlemen’s Path is basically being nice to her, taking her out to movie and dinner and doing anything else than to jump on her and start tearing her clothes off.

Most men in today’s society fall into this ‘Gentlemen’ category only because society demands for it. That a woman should be treated to food and drinks and be made merry before she is allowed to decide if she wants to get in bed with that man.

So, men who fall under this category then finds it rather long and stifling that he has to be made to wait (after spending money on food and drinks) with uncertainty of the opportunity to fornicate compared to his counterpart who declares openly that he wishes to fornicate with that woman and only need to waste time searching for the right one to reciprocate.

So, what do these men do then?

In order to increase his chances of fornication, he engages the lady in a battle of the intellect.

The lady in question who has willingly given her emotions to a certain degree shall now be placed under a series of mind boggling games and question in exchange for the opportunity to fornicate. The longer she denies him of fornication, the longer the torture of the mind will be for her.

This is what’s called, ‘MIND FUCKING’.

The men can engage several women at any one time in this whilst he awaits for an open consent from the many (if he’s lucky and good) or one woman whom he’s been waiting for to fornicate.

The women, subjected to society’s and her religious moral values are faced with the pressure to either give herself in or to continue to resist and be ‘mind fucked’.

Make no mistake though that some women enjoy being ‘mind fucked’ as they find it rather intriguing and feels an immense sense positive attraction from the guy.

There are of course those who hate it and would rather not be put through the mental aggravation as this ‘mind fucking’ can occur at any time of the day and may affect the ability and judgement to make informed decisions at work.

For the women who understand the needs of the men, she doesn’t waste her time to be ‘mind fucked’. She takes the men into her own hands and gives it to him before he has an opportunity to put her through the experience and she instantaneously, wins his respect and adoration.

Women, unfortunately call her a SLUT for her confidence.

These women then gain the upper hand and is constantly being pursued by the men and succeeds in performing the role- reversal as she is now ‘mind fucking’ him instead as he’s on the receiving end.

She is what is called, ‘Alpha Female’

The women really, then become very powerful creatures if you think about it. If she’s able to ‘Mind Fuck’ and ‘Cock Tease’, there leaves nothing for men to be proud of if he’s not able to be the alpha any longer.


Dedicated to Farah who’s been bugging me for an entry on ‘Mind Fucking’

2 thoughts on “Don’t Get ‘Mind Fucked’

  1. I find that Alpha Female are usually the directors or bosses that dont stop at the business or job they are bitches at work and at home . i wouldnt recommend getting involved with them and they ussually love horse and if you guys who know what i mean you get stuck with the shit detail and when the horse up and dies you get the divorce papers soon afterward ,, a similar thing happened to me i a fashion, aplah bitches they had and giant man to put fear into them , i was not that man.


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