Rallying Singapore for General Elections

With the National Day Rally speech done and over with, many of us now grouse over the possibility that many of the unmarried young and homeless will find it harder to get a home and those who have been seeking to play in the property market will soon have their hands and money tied.

Middle-class Singaporeans will continue to remain sandwiched with no way out of the system whilst the poor will remain the group that will benefit the most from government assistance schemes. The rich will continue to be able to grow their wealth of course.

The payout to NSmen costing a total of $9,000 – $10, 500 per person has also been revealed.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be entitled to the full amount. Those who will ORD after 29 August, will receive the first payout of between $3,000 – $3,500. The additional $500 for those ranked 3rd SGT in the SAF and SGT and above in the Home Team.

The second disbursement will be made if you have completed either 3 high key call-up or 5 ICTs (In-Camp Training) after 29 August 2010 and the last disbursement will be made to you once you ROD. All amounts disbursed are the same.

I think by now, Singaporeans should be smart enough to know that whenever General Elections are approaching, some kind of incentive carrot will appear dangling in your face. This is the incentive. Before the previous GE, we were given GST credits and it lasted till when?

This year only right?

The National Day Rally speech is always a good indicator for speculation on when the GE will be. What’s made it more obvious is the fact that the government has remain tight-lipped on the recent arrest of Abdul Malik and the case involving yours truly.

Talk has been going around in my circle that GE will be before the end of FY2010 which ends on 1 Apr 2011.

I’m pretty sure about that as well and with no other huge mega national event on the calendar in the coming months after F1 in September and O and A Level exams in October, it is definitely a good indicator that GE may just fall in between the months of November 2010 – March 2011.

Another good indicator is also the fact that I’ve not been recalled yet. I would have usually completed my yearly cycle by this time or have performed several but this has not been the case this year, further speculating that chances are, I will be recalled during the GE period unless I decide to run for elections of course.

Nevertheless, regardless of when GE is to come, I hope the opposition will come prepared to contest. This would mean having a list of credible options and solutions for Singaporeans to live a better life comfortably addressing the rising cost of living, social melee and the huge influx of foreign talent which has come to be a part of the Singapore workforce.

Honest and viable solutions are required first, to win votes.

I wouldn’t dare make huge promises if I was running for elections but I’d definitely promise to have a more transparent social and working system in my own constituency first, to win the trust of my people by the end of my first term.

Solving bigger issues will take a longer period but it can be worked out. An understanding of the people on the ground is just as important which is why candidates should preferably be someone who has walked the ground and understands the situation from the man on the ground as opposed to someone who prefers to see issues from his bird’s nest rested high above the ground.

That should be the least I’m expecting from candidates at the next GE. A familiar face with reasonable sound values whom people can connect with rather than an unknown who’s wasting time and his/ her own money for a shot at several million dollars a year.

Politics may be a cruel game but it’s one which only those who have a pure heart for the community will survive.

4 thoughts on “Rallying Singapore for General Elections

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  2. what ‘election’? I saw he hd a wicked smile as he mocked the little people. smug, becos he knows they will still be back in power – don’t forget this little city backyard can become just one GRC – tanjong pagar, if they want it to. IMHO just a matter of how many opposition votes they want to ‘concede’. so, when GE, no difference to them or to us, little daft people


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