I’m borrowing credibility for myself, if I may

With all the buzz going around with the recent media hype surrounding the case that I’m involved in, I’m not allowed to comment much any further but if there is something I’d like to highlight to anyone who’s reading this, I hope you will watch this video on this link:


This is a video taken from a televised series on ChannelNews Asia,’Why My Vote Matters’.

In this video, the guest, MM Lee is seen to be debating with fellow participants on political questions thrown at him.

I was very mesmerized at how he tactfully debunked every single question against him and came across a very useful anecdote mentioned of particular interest to my current situation,

“Any misdeed, any misdoing, by any officer, any government, bring it out. That’s how you keep the government clean, right?” (This is based on what I heard, if it’s wrong, then please do address it)

I don’t think such a sentence could be taken out of context right?

This is very clear to be understood am I not right?

Regardless, thank you all for the support that you have been giving me.

3 thoughts on “I’m borrowing credibility for myself, if I may

  1. You can bring it up but appropriately. If you just blog about it, how then would the govt ‘hear’ you? Just happened that your entry was read by someone who is probably either wearing a blue uniform or working in the media industry. What if yours wasn’t read? Then it doesn’t show much about being socially and morally responsible.

    If you have something to say, take a step further to make your voice heard. You can always send feedbacks and suggestions to the relevant bodies. That’s what MM was referring to when he said “bring it out”… Many a times bloggers are just whiner regardless of how brilliant they type the words out but they do nothing about it.

    Whatever happens, take it calm. Just an advise, be wary of what you write. It might just be one of your readers who reported you? You’re a nice guy and I can see that your intention is never to cause harm. Let’s hope that all will be alright. 🙂


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  3. This is a blog. The point of a blog is to form an opinion and perhaps have a discussion. Thus the comments feature.

    Abdillah should never be faulted for having an opinion. What’s wrong is that he’s being charged for having one. Now if the govt were to be serious in learning abt improper practices by its civil servants, the govt would have acted on the police officer, not him. Whether he goes directly to the government about this information is irrelevant. The information is still transmitted.

    No need to be “careful”. This is self censorship. We just need to be sensible and honest.


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