Baby, Shhhhh….. Hello Darling..

Infidelity is something that many of us detest openly in public amongst our many friends but silently, get involved.

Whilst some may self-proclaim themselves to be experts at infidelity having succeeded to keep their activities under the radar for years, there are also instances when a minor slip could give it all away.

Earlier tonight, I was greeted by an unknown text to my phone with the following information, ‘Don’t sms me, I’m with my bf till tmr morning’.

That sms couldn’t have been meant for me because my phone didn’t recognise the number, I didn’t recognise the number and I certainly wasn’t going out with anyone who was attached, hell, I’m not even going out with anyone.

Lucky for me but such smses could have detrimental effects on others, especially those who are married or attached but have remained faithful to their partner. It could mean worst for those who are married or attached but are trying to show that they have changed their infidelity ways.

Innocent you may be, but such an sms would warrant a whole list of explanations and still, there’d still be no trust at the end of it even after convincing the partner that you are simply an innocent victim, the unlucky one to have received that sms.

I’m not even going to get started about my opinion on what infidelity is and what my opinion on it is but surely, if you are involved or engaged in such activities, you better play it really carefully not to let the cat out of the bag or you’ll have plenty of explanations to do.

For now, I think I’m going to wait till morning before I send a reply text to that number to check who it’s from!

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