Scoring Any This World Cup?

As the South Africa World Cup 2010 season draws nearer to a close, fans from around the globe and in particular Singapore would have seen some of their favourite teams getting the boot early on especially with recent winners Italy and France getting the boot and just earlier, Brazil.

Amongst all the teams that have been getting the boot, I’m sure in the household itself, there are incidences whereby spouses have been given the boot as well in light of this once every four year phenomenon.

The boot I’m talking about here is SEX.

Throughout the group stages of the games, many would rather give up sex than to miss on watching the many games broadcasted either on overpaid cable television stations, Starhub and Singtel or to watch it for free on the Internet.

How could there possibly be no time for sex you might think?

Well, just think about it, there are games all through the night at 7pm, 10pm and then later at 2.30am. That doesn’t leave much time for sex after you factor in dinner and toilet break time and half-time, which of course, doesn’t guarantee you that a quickie will be enough since your focus will not be on the sex but rather on the second half or the next match to be played.

All is not lost though with this break from sex.

I’ve been told by a married friend that for couples whereby there’s an unusually high sex drive from the spouse, this World Cup period is the only time that the partner has a chance to rest and catch up on much needed sleep or friends who would have otherwise, been replaced by sex at home or elsewhere.

It’s a two-prong approach with a double-edge knife which serves both sides of the bed well in many cases but for those who perhaps are still having an unusually high sex drive, I guess you could perhaps be having sex whilst watching the matches and scream ‘GOAL’! in confusion.

Otherwise, for the ladies who are left behind and yearning for some sex, there’s always a time for toyboys who would give you all the attention in the world for a sum of money and you don’t have to worry about them being concerned by the World Cup.You could also say that this is the best time for you to think about infidelity and get away with it because for the toyboys, YOU are their World Cup trophy for the next few weeks to come.

I’m not exactly a toyboy here so don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t mind getting paid to sit and listen to your many marital and relationship woes. Who knows! I may just give you a solution should you ask for one, besides, I’m not betting my money on any team anyway!

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