What is Hari Raya Aidilfitri/ Eid Mubarak?

What’s Abd?!!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a time whereby Muslims the world over celebrate the end of the fasting month but are Muslims celebrating it appropriately?

What is the true meaning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and what does it mean to be a Muslim?

Personally, I find Hari Raya Aidilfitri absolutely over rated in Singapore. I know that I’m going to get lambasted for this but honestly, when you think about it, do you really understand what it even means to be a Muslim. I’m no religious scholar or even qualified to be preaching about religion cause I am full of flaws myself but I am still entitled to give my personal views, don’t I?

Hari Raya Aidilfitri as potrayed in this current age and time has Muslims the world over celebrating it with lots of food and new clothes, some possibly even want a new everything in their household, which I find to be a total waste of money. However, this probably contradicts what I believe I was taught as a Muslim – not be spendthrift for being spendthrift is a friend of the devil. But then again, even the devil is probably scared of humans now looking at what humans do to one another ( humans kill one another, devils don’t! they merely instigate ).

Whilst many Muslims celebrate with new clothes and lots of delicious food, are we not forgetting that we have fellow cousins and relatives who are less fortunate and are forced to just be happy with whatever they have. Perhaps, a set of ‘new’ clothes which could have possibly been donated by someone who cannot fit in them anymore ( or is purely of kind heart ) and adequate food which is enough to get them through the day. There might even be some of our brothers and sisters who are continuously fighting poverty in countries whose national leaders and neighbouring country leaders fight with one another over their huge ego and ambitions at the cost of innocent lives.

Perhaps, we should all just think about them and live a simpler life. Imagine how Hari Raya would be like if we were to be celebrating it, in their shoes.

Would you even bother to think about spending that easily?

Imagine how our life could be if we were them, wouldn’t you be envious and angry at your other Muslim brothers and sisters who are happily enjoying themselves whilst forgetting them, the ones suffering and less fortunate.

Aren’t we as Muslims supposed to be helping one another?

True that, perhaps, enourmous amount of help comes pouring forward during the month of Ramadhan but what happens after Ramadhan? Do you just forget about them or help give less assistance and only to think of them again in the following Ramadhan quite simply because you are chasing the large amount of good deeds promised to you by God in the month of Ramadhan. Therefore, you forget their plight during other months or do you just suddenly suffer from some memory loss?

Does that then not make you a hypocrite?

And what’s this with asking for forgiveness on Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I find it ridiculous that you even need to ask for forgiveness because if God is all-forgiving, and he is the biggest authority, why a kucing kurab ( small fry) like us need to be so calculative. But then again, we are humans and to err is human. But as Muslims, I feel that we should always be forgiving regardless of the time, day, month or year ( Prophet Muhammad was a forgiving man but then again, none of us is him ). Once a mistake is committed, forgive immediately la! ( Got big ego is it? Cannot forgive unless asked? )

I find that Hari Raya Aidilfitri is being used as an excuse to ask for forgiveness.

Do we as Muslims really need Hari Raya Aidilfitri to ask for forgiveness?

Are Muslims, individuals who are not easily forgiving?

I know that probably some people need to be sought for, for forgiveness before being knighted ‘You are forgiven’, which is why I had decided to send the very popular trend of mass sms of asking for forgiveness, after sincerely typing something out from my heart ( I wouldn’t be bothered to do this in previous years, waste money only ). Although I know some of my friends will just delete but that’s fine (I have 477 contacts in my phone book of which perhaps 400 are Muslims. Don’t expect me to call everyone. Only the bestest gets my calls – My two bestfriends).

At least I did my part right?

But well, I’d delete those smses anyway cause I forgive anyone who’s ever did wrong to me almost immediately BUT forgetting it is a different issue ( Keep getting angry at them for so long, heart pain, head pain, I’d get hypertension lei ).

Why make other’s life so difficult right?

Automatic forgive is the way to go cause u never know when that someone might die and not have time to ask for forgiveness ( Imagine if it was YOU who died and know that you still haven’t asked for forgiveness. Troublesome right? ). Sometimes, we also forget who we did wrong to OR we may not even know if what we did was wrong because of individual preferences and acceptability to issues. I know that I’m guilty of the latter because of just how direct I am though I mean no harm.

This year, I was just simply not in the mood to celebrate because of the above reasons. I told my mom don’t bother to sew me a new set of clothes because I’d rather have the money saved and I could just wear previous years. Unfortunately, too late because she had already bought the cloth but just didn’t have enough time to sew it to be ready for me to wear it yesterday.

In conclusion to my non-Muslim readers, Muslims are forgiving individuals, it’s just human nature at times. It’s not easy trying to emulate The Prophet because he was such an exemplary role model. Unfortunately, it’s just so tough for his followers to follow because he is in short – FLAWLESS.

Anyway, I forsee that the world will be going into a monetary recession in the coming months to come. So, for those who had overspent during the festive season, GOOD LUCK!!! Recession is going to be damn bad this year, worst than 1997 because the big financial institutions in the United States have messed up. For those who have mutual funds in banks, don’t sell!!! Just hold and keep it or you’ll lose lots of money. You will need to hold your funds for at least another 5 years more if recession does set in. For those who wanna make money, start buying US dollars and Pound sterlings AND KEEP. Sell them in years to come. Buy big, sell small.

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