Warna 94.2fm Radio Interview

Days after the election rally speeches are over, coincidentally, I was invited earlier today for an interview at MediaCorp’s Warna 94.2fm radio on Public Speaking.

DJ Nona Kirana with Me, The Guest!

DJ Nona Kirana with Me, The Guest!

Interviewed between 5 to 6pm, this was the 3rd interview I’ve had on national radio and the second with the same radio station.

The first time I was interviewed was when I was 16 years old. It was for an exchange programme that I attended under the NCC (AIR) banner, Singapore-Victoria, Melbourne Biennial Air Cadet Exchange Programme. I remember that it was a very weird interview that I had because it was fully done in Malay and I had to give Australian commands on air, in English.

The second interview I had on radio was last year on Ria89.7fm, this time it was for a mentoring programme that I had been involved in for the past 5 years. That was a very short interview lasting about 30 minutes during lunch time catered to students.

And finally, earlier this evening, an interview at Warna94.2fm on public speaking with DJ Nona Kirana and RZ.

DJ RZ, one of the more experienced radio DJs

DJ RZ, one of the more experienced radio DJs

It was a very light affair but the topic was serious.

Questions raised were:

– How to overcome jitters?

– What is required of a person to do public speaking?

– What can one do if he/she forgets the points in his speech?

– Can someone without talent or doesn’t enjoy speaking become a good public speaker?

– What can a person do to be a good public speaker?

And several more…

I hope to be able to receive a copy of the recording so that it can be shared to all.

Some light humour, post-election

Some light humour, post-election

One thought on “Warna 94.2fm Radio Interview

  1. Among all the dj in warna, the best is dj RZ. His speech is minimal and homourous. His songs selections ate the best and pleasing to the ears. Sadly i only turn on to warna during azan and when RZ is on duty otherwise I will just turn off. Most DJ talk too much and worst the songs selection need to be guided by RZ.
    Pls forward this to RZ.


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