A Bulan Bahasa Exclusive with Riz Sunawan

The month of July brings about a lot of significance around the world but more so in Singapore.

You’ve heard from me about GST Credits that has rolled into your bank account. The month of July also plays significance to the Singapore Malay community as we celebrate the Malay Language Month aka Bulan Bahasa.

Bulan Bahasa is of course the month whereby we encourage and promote the use of Malay Language that is fast dissipating in modern Singapore where most Malays have lost the flair, understanding and love of the Malay Language with the promotion of English Language as the communicating language and Mandarin in a bid to globalise Singaporeans with China’s booming economy.

Nonetheless, the Malay Language still remains significant in today’s context as Singapore’s national language is the Malay Language and our immediate neighbours are Malay speaking.

Whilst the main intention of Bulan Bahasa is to encourage the young Malays to speak the Malay language in their everyday conversation, the underlying intention is to ensure that in today’s progressive society, the roots of the Malays do not diminish as how the legendary warrior Hang Tuah puts it, ‘Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia’.

Enough said, I do conduct Speech & Drama and Presentation/ Public Speaking workshops in the Malay Language as well but here’s an exclusive interview with Singapore’s Malay News Presenter, Best News Presenter 2009, Riz Sunawan.

To find out more about Bulan Bahasa, visit http://mbms.sg/news/bahasa-kita-gunakanlah/?lang=en or check them out on Facebook here!

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