News In A Flash!

What’s Abd?!!
I’m Back!!!
Wahhh, been gone for a week!! So, What’s Abd?!!
Well, a lot actually!!! I’m not sure what I should begin talking about.

How about you start right from the day you left? What was interesting? What news did you manage to cover?
Here’s the first piece! Malaysian PM Abdullah said that he was going to resign from his premiership post. However, he is going to contest for the Presidency post of UMNO.

Woahhh…. Serious?? So, will we see a new PM?
We could actually see with so much clout hanging over the hottest seat in Malaysia’s Government. However, no one should be too optimistic should he step down.

Huh? But why??
Well, because there is no strong candidate to take over that post. Failure to elect a capable premier better than the current one would result in a bigger calamity and spell economic, social and racial strife within the nation. Insurgency within party ranks and members of the coalition is also very likely.

Well, isn’t there the Ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim?
Sure he can be the next PM. However, would electing him be in the best interest of the nation? Without a doubt, his resume is impressive and he could have actually already become the PM had he not been dismissed and sent to prison. In the current situation, the nation needs more than just one option. It is after all in the name of democracy. You understand right?

Yeah yeah.. Now I understand. It is apparent that there is no one else capable of taking over the post of PM and no one else has stepped up to prove that he is worthy of that post other that Anwar Ibrahim. Sigh… Okay, so, what other news do have to share?
In Singapore, Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that they would be putting up several more gantries along the roads of Singapore.

What?? Isn’t there a lot of gantries already? Really Pay And Pay ahh!!! What’s the reason this time?
LTA mentioned that the average speed plying along certain roads is extremely slow and thus, causes congestion. This is a result of too many vehicles using that road to just pass through. Therefore, LTA will be placing gantries to deter motorists who use that road to just pass through. Passing through would mean paying a toll for slowing down traffic speed. They would also be extending the gantry time at the Central Business District (CBD) area.

What? Average Speed? Pass Through?
Yes, LTA calculates average speed of vehicles. To be more exact, taxis. And based on the average speed of some of these taxis that have been put on their special tracking system, they work out how fast or slow that particular road should be travelled on to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Taxis?? That’s unfair la!! Taxis naturally travel slower along those popular roads and even stop at long periods because they want to get passengers!
Hmmm, I’m not sure if LTA includes that when conducting their study. But well, according to LTA, business among those popular stretch of roads has increased despite these implementations because the smooth traffic is encouraging to tourists who wish to ply along those roads to shop in ease.

So, this is because of tourists?
Well, Singapore’s economy is heavily dependent on tourists. Therefore, most of the implementation of projects in Singapore is geared towards attracting tourists. No tourist = No economy/ Slow economy

Ohhh… I see.. So anything else you want to tell?
Ahh yesss… There will be a new correspondent joining us soon to contribute to What’s Abd. The correspondent has expressed a deep interest to write for What’s Abd. So do look out for the new correspondent!

Wah!! Recruitment Drive huh??? Need more people ehh?
For those people who are interested to join What’s Abd can contact Abd either through the chat board or send him an email ( personally and express their interest. However, they will be scrutinised for their writing style because What’s Abd has a different reporting style different from all the other news avenues.

Ohh yess! I agree!! It is easy to read and understand What’s Abd and readers actually get a better understanding of the story too! So do you have to be Singaporean?
No no… There’s no need to be Singaporean. In fact, you can be from any other part of the world! And better too!! News outside of Singapore and Malaysia. Do be informed though that What’s Abd preferred if you were reporting from United States, United Kingdom or from Middle East as these are What’s Abd main coverage aside from Singapore and Malaysia.

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