RATU Suria Ep 6 Recap

It’s already episode 6 and that means there’s only 2 more episodes to go before we will uncover the first and possibly, one and only RATU Suria.

As I’m typing this down, I’m watching StarWorld and watching a re-run of 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yesterday, for the first time, I finally saw the girls walking down the catwalk and look like they were really enjoying it, as how I would enjoy when I watch VS Fashion Show. Except of course, the girls were covered up in every department.

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Never mind with my Victoria Secret fantasy, this is a family show after all.

But the girls were definitely strutting the catwalk with so much more energy in their feet and smile and much more movement on their shoulders during the poses (aka CONFIDENCE). I can remember very clearly Wan Anisah flipping her hair before she took the walk. I thought, “THAT WAS HOT!”

The Question and Answer session this week was also a bit different, the girls didn’t know what question they’d be asked although I have a feeling the list of questions were listed and given to them because all of them jumped at the question, as if they had studied for it.

Nonetheless, most of them had answered well. Questions were mostly about Communication and whilst most questions were easy, I thought that the question that Tiara Atyra got was the hardest of all – Emotional Awareness.

Even I had to pause for a bit to think, and I think that should be how all future Q& A should be.

The audience should be allowed to see how the contestants undergo the thinking process. I figure that it would be important to be able to see how the contestants ‘think on their feet’ since the challenges have all been edited and we are also entering the last two episodes. We need to be able to see more of them.

Nevertheless! I was impressed with most of the answers because most of the answers would have been something I teach in my Public Speaking class anyway.

The girls had a very service-oriented challenge.

Split into two groups, Fauzie’s group went to Spa Jelita whilst the other went to Sedap Corner.

I think it was a very good challenge and I thought that it would have been much better if the audience would have been able to see and hear the contestants interacting with the customers and amongst themselves. On the whole, the challenge would have been advantageous to some since the individual task given varies and if the girls were given a task they were extremely familiar with because they have done it before (been in the service industry), it would have been a breeze.

But well, this is a competition anyway and life’s not fair.

Then we had the final walk.

The girls had to catwalk in their kebaya batik in high heels (surely not barefoot right?). Having seen them look so stunning in their first catwalk, I expected the same for this last one but alas, it was a bit disappointing. Some of the girls look like they were in a rush and it was just oh so disappointing.

I think at this point of time, the girls need to realise that they are in a competition to win and they must do what’s best to make them look good. The catwalk is their time on stage, just like a performers’ time on stage. Regardless what the director has instructed to be done, the performer determines what and how the audience judge.

No Elimination

No Elimination                  sa

No one got eliminated this week but that only means that we will see FOUR girls booted out next week because we can only have FOUR girls for the finals.

By Definition Solves Singapore Malay Language Teachers Enrichment Programme Problems!

By Definition Pte Ltd



19 November 2012


We’ve only been serving the Mother Tongue Department (Malay Language) in Singapore Schools for close to two years but we dare say that we have perhaps been able to solve the major issue that most Malay Language Teachers in Singapore Schools often talk about – Low Budget!

Sounds familiar to you?

In the time that we have been in the industry, we have managed to deliver Malay Language Enrichment programmes meeting the specific needs of not just the schools and teachers but most importantly, the students!

Your Mother Tongue Language Enrichment Programmes budget issues can be resolved!

Be it you want something related to Malay Traditional Games or Traditional Malay Cultural Activities or Talks related to the Malay Language, we’ve got it all! (Don’t believe? Got photos on our By Definition FB as evidence lor. Click here!)

So, how do we do it?

We customize every single Malay Language Enrichment Programme to meet your Budget, Student Needs and the Learning Outcomes that Teachers Want for their Students! (We know what’s important to you cause one of our Directors is a certified Teacher/Trainer from Cambridge!)

SO, here’s what we are suggesting – We can work together to plan out an ENTIRE YEAR Malay Language Enrichment Programme for you! No more headaches for the rest of the year on how to allocate your budget then because we will help you resolve that budgeting problem! We can also help you source out for Artefacts or Resource Materials related to the Malay Culture and Heritage as how we have done for National Junior College!

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Gamelan Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Batik Set for National Junior College

Here’s what you can be assured of when you take us as your vendor:
1-You will also be supporting the livelihood of our dedicated and well-trained trainers! and
2- Ensure that we can continue to awesomely deliver! and
3- Challenge us to do more than what we are doing at the moment!

So let’s meet up and discuss what we can do for you!

NO OBLIGATIONS to take us if you don’t think we can deliver for you!

Drop us an email to our Arts & Education Director (abdillah@bydefinition.net) or send us a DM Tweet (@ByDefinitionSG) or drop us a PM on our FB (By Definition Facebook) and arrange for an appointment with us!

See! So high tech, can reach us through any method via your Smart Phone!

Hope to see you soon!

Email: abdillah@bydefinition.net
Tweet: @ByDefinitionSG
Instagram: @ByDefinition
FB: http://www.facebook.com/ByDefinitionPteLtd
YouTube Channel: By Definition SG

Ready for Singapore’s Malay Beauty Pageant?

I have always loved women regardless of their age, looks or status but I love their personality more – not all types but definitely those that are able to entertain my ever clocking mind.

On 14 November 2012, I attended the Press Conference where the ladies were the focal point of attention, RATU, a beauty pageant organised by MediaCorp Suria with strong partnership from the famous Malaysian producer, David Teo, who’s company had lend support towards the success of this pageant.



What was I looking for and did I get what I looked out for?

I saw 16 ladies strutting their way down on the mini stage with their hair beautifully done and make-up on (I wish they didn’t have any make-up on though).

I saw 16 ladies whom I wish I could bring home with me for my own personal elimination down to 4 to be made my wives (Why settle for 1 if I can have 4? [Berangan Muslim yang boleh dijadikan teladan]).

I don’t think there’s much that I want to say further for now, so Gentlemen, please keep your hands to your keyboards as you scroll down your mouse to take a look at the 16 Finalists!


There’s lots to expect for this competition happening over 8 weeks!

Unfortunately, I will have to miss the first 2 episodes starting on 27th November as I’ll be heading to Indonesia for exchange and to visit my parents!

Oh well, I’ll have my own beauty pageant there I guess!

The Premier 2009 Event

What’s Abd?!!

So many things to talk about, not sure where to begin!

But let me just begin with the success of my first event that I planned as a business entity of my own.

The event was a birthday party for a VVIP, Malaysia’s Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s son, Royal Prince Tengku Muhammad Ismail.

Two weeks of pure hard work resulting in a birthday of the year for a 11 year old.

Big Thank You to Diana for agreeing to assist me in this event at a last minute call by Faiz.

To Shasha, get well soon girl! You were missed!

And definitely not missing out is a humongous Thank You to The Governess, Ms Nawal for giving me the opportunity and believing in me to take on this project right from the beginning.

I hope all guests to the event were satisfied with the level of service.

Congratulations to all partners involved in making this event a success, Grand Hyatt, Lyn’s Lab, Mr Bottle, Seng Heng, The Cage and Granex Express.

Lastly, big Thank You to Haddad for coming out with my namecard design in time for me to have it printed.

Festival Drama 10 Minit

What’s Abd?!!

Festival Drama 10 Minit held recently at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 22nd – 25th April 2009 saw 14 tertiary groups from across Penisular Malaysia and 2 groups from Singapore staged a 4-day festival. Eight groups performed every night to a full-house crowd.

The festival also saw director U-Wei Haji Saari who co-directed Mediacorp Suria’s ‘Rahsia Perkahwinan’ directing the play ‘Kutipan’.

Representatives from Singapore were four members from Sang Singa Purba performing under the name Kotak and the recent Gema Puisi Artistik (GPA) champions, Pasir Ris Secondary School.

Both Singapore groups were brought over by Goh Chok Tong Youth Recipient Awardee, Cikgu Noor Hasnah Adam, who is also the advisor to Sang Singa Purba and the Director/ Scripwriter for Pasir Ris Secondary School award winning GPA performance, ‘S.A.M.P.A.H’.

The performances saw full-house attendance every night which proves that support for the arts industry in Malaysia is vibrant and open-minded as performances staged were also liberal and politically critical yet tastefully done.

My favourites for the performances were ‘Kencing Peluh’ staged by UKM, ‘Isteriku Tiada Susu’ by UiTM, ‘Amir Amar’ by ASWARA and ‘Satu Pintu’ by Majlis Teater Negeri Perak.

Singapore should seriously organize such festivals here which encourage a free-range of ideas from homosexuality to anti-government issues to be staged as Singapore gears up for the opening of the Integrated Resorts.

Such performances allow a flow of creative juices and encourage creativity amongst Singaporeans rather than instill a sense of fear in its citizens especially in topics where government criticisms take a stronghold.

Nonetheless, whilst the government slowly opens up to be more liberal and open-minded to the arts scene here, I look forward to more opportunities to overseas performances where fellow artists are allowed to practice freedom of expression.

*Ahh Chooo!*

What’s Abd?!!

I didn’t eat the flesh of swine and yet I’m still infected with flu.

I guess this is the post Kuala Lumpur (KL) illness cause apparently it didn’t just hit me. In fact, all of us who went to KL are sick now.

In what was my virgin show outside of Singapore, I’d have to say that it was different and fun not only because I didn’t act (that meant I could drink Iced Bandung anytime), I ate a lot of food! And yes, I really did ate a lot of food.

Big thanks to Cikgu Noor Hasnah Adam for helping us secure a performance slot and accommodating us at her high-rise rented apartment (21st floor) which gave us a picturesque view of parts of KL.

I’d love to talk more about the show but I’ll save that for later. Let’s talk about how much I love KL food. We counted the number of meals we had in the short duration we were there and I scored highest just pipping the others by 1.

We visited what was the shooting location for Sembilu and Bara courtesy of Professor Omar who drove all the way down from Terengganu and accommodated us in the backseat of his Odyssey.

That was probably the only time we got to travel and sightsee KL but that was probably the bomb cause we got to oversee KL from where we were. I’m still clueless about the name of the place but I’ve been informed it’s ‘Bukit International’.

I’m feeling a bit poorer after spending my fortune on FOOD but I’m feeling absolutely satisfied and a bit sick too. I think my tummy misses the food there.

There’s a reason why god forbade us to eat the flesh of swine. See lah! Don’t want to listen right!

Enjoy the Video and some Photos!


What’s Abd?!!

I know I haven’t blogged for sometime.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to write.

It’s just that I’ve been really occupied with my rehearsals and work.

I’m not neglecting this blog for sure or the other one but I just need time.

So let’s discuss about our neighbours. I’ve always loved talking about our neighbours simply because I could be a representation of the majority and I am therefore, entitled to comment much more freely just because.

Have you recently caught on with what’s happening there?

There was the recent outrage over the use of ‘Allah’ in Christianity, Islam and Sikh faith.

It’s still not been solved yet because the courts have pulled back on their verdict calling it a ‘mistake’. But seriously, ‘Allah’ is just a term used by the Arabs even during the Pagan periods to describe God. It’s not exclusive to any religion or faith. It’s only exclusively in Arab.

So, get over it already. No Muslim, Sikh or Christian should get confused over who their God, in this case Allah is for as long as they know who they are worshipping. And well anyways, there are many similarities between the Sikh, Christian and Jewish faith with the Islamic faith.

Lets now move over to another interesting problem that has recently arise.

From religion to language.

Malaysians were protesting over the use of English in schools to teach Science and Mathematics and kept insisting that the use of Malay language should be upheld.

Here’s a word of advice from me.

“If you want to use the Malay language to teach subjects in school, the least you could do is to ensure that you can get your spelling right”

For those of you who are wondering why I mentioned as such. Well in my recent trip to Malacca, I came across a public sign at a shopping centre bearing the words in huge fonts, “Jaga Keberhisan”

Please lahh my fellow neighbours, its not that I want to nosey poke into your affairs but when you make such a big ruckus out of something that you cannot even get correct, I think you should really give it much thought and consideration. Besides, the English language is beginning to be a much globalised language that perhaps, it would be better for you to learn to speak better English than Malay.

True to a certain extend that you may lose the use of Malay language which is evident amongst Malay Singaporeans who are much more accustomed to using English as the medium instead of Malay. However, the constant use of Malay language amongst friends and family members should keep you in check of a good command of the language.

The political scene in Malaysia is bad enough. I don’t think the residents need to be so emotionally-charged as how their politicians are.

Remember that politicians always have a personal agenda beneath whatever that they are lobbying for.

In other local news from me, I just did my first scriptwriting cum directing work for Project RGB which was aired on the news. Next is an emotionally charged performance which will I gather will be carried through the rest of my life.

This is definitely not one of my best blogging days. I’m just tired and life just doesn’t seem so bright for me anymore.

Falling is now a whole new meaning in my life.

I’m falling and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out of it now.


What’s Abd?!!

Quite a number has been going on especially with Malaysia and the opening of the Olympics in Beijing!!

Oh yeah!!!! The long awaited event of the century I suppose that’s suppose to WOW the world and of course the expected outcome for Malaysia’s incumbent opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

So Mr Politics, what are your views on the Olympics and the situation in Malaysia?
Didn’t you catch the opening of the Olympics??
I didn’t watch anything other than the lighting up of the flames. It was truly remarkable and definitely refreshing!! I never expected such a spectacle!
Indeed!!! Do you think Beijing will be able to carry out what they had planned to do in the Olympics?
If what you meant is in reference to the air quality. It really is difficult to gauge unless there’s a moat being placed around Beijing to filter the bad air out of the city. The vehicles travelling within the city center would also need to be using unleaded petrol and be of good maintenance to ensure that air quality is well maintained for the athletes. In being optimistic, I believe that such measures in place at the moment will be sufficient to control the air quality.
That confident aren’t you?
Yes I am! Because if the Chinese are able to replicate Western products in such a short period of time. I don’t see why this is not possible. The Chinese have a way with handling things and most of the time, dogged determination is what sets them apart from the rest of the world.
Okay, turning to Malaysian politics. What are your views on the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim.
I think it was expected. This is definitely a political game to end Anwar’s dogged determination to get back into politics. However, I believe that the Malaysian government has placed themselves in a situation whereby if they had conspired with someone to bring Anwar down, then it is they who will definitely falter.
Why do you say so?
Well, it is clearly seen that the government and law of Malaysia is trying to prevent Anwar from gaining power in politics. It is also evident that in actual fact, with Anwar’s arrest, the police should have also arrested the alleged victim, Saiful.
Is it? Why?
This is because, as informed and stated, it is against law to be committing sodomy in Malaysia even if consensual. At this point of time, ONLY Anwar is arrested and Saiful was not arrested. Therefore, I can safely conclude correct as of current, that Saiful is a member of UMNO or was paid and the laws are still not free from corruption or transparency. In actual fact, Saiful should have been the first person to be arrested since he confessed that he had been sodomised. IF going by the rule of thumb that, “All individuals are presumably innocent until proven guilty”, then Anwar should not have been arrested but merely put on close police monitoring.
Doesn’t it all make sense now!!
Politics is Dirty right?
Perhaps just to add on a bit more. The doctor who examined Saiful is a GP with 30 years of experience has fled the country with his family for safety reasons. The doctor has examined and certified that Saiful WAS NOT sodomised.

Sodomy Boleh!!

What’s Abd?!!
Hey!! What happened to all the news?? Where have you been?!

There’s been too many stories going around and I have no idea how, where or when I should begin!
I guessed so especially with so much happened in Malaysia!

I just knew you would bring that up!! I’m sure the whole world has their eyes on Malaysia at the moment!!
Definitely!! With what has been going on, seems like deja vu!

Sure is but this time round I think it’s different.
Oh yeah? How so?

I believe that the conspiracy theory behind this situation at the moment could perhaps not be from the ruling Barisan Nasional but I also cannot rule that out.
Why do you say so?

Well, true to say that Ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim is making his comeback and has announced that several lawmakers from the ruling Barisan Nasional would defect to the opposition. However, this could merely be a ruse that he is coughing out to strike fear and uncertainty within the Barisan Nasional party ranks and also to show that PM Abdullah has lost his party members confidence and respect. Further to this, there could also be a possibility that Ex-DPM Anwar realises that he does not have the required numbers to topple to government and therefore staged another ‘sodomy’ charge in order for him to gain sympathy and win over the citizens as well as attention internationally. In addition to that, Ex-DPM Anwar further went to ‘hiding’ at the Turkish Embassy. This itself, gained international attention on the situation. He also mentioned that there was a possibility for his assasination.

So, you don’t believe that Barisan Nasional is behind the sodomy charge?
It’s a really difficult situation there at the moment.

What’s your view on Barisan Nasional then? Do you think they’d do such a thing?

To try to charge someone for something which he was already acquited for in the first place doesn’t seem smart. I don’t think Anwar would be so horny that he needed to relieve himself to a 23 year-old guy. It’s just ridiculous and if you’re the government, I think you should know that you shouldn’t try something that doesn’t work. The first time he got charged for sodomy, he was acquited. I don’t think the government would want to use that same story to topple their opponent. It’s passe.
So, what’s your take on this story then?

My take is that I believe that Anwar is fabricating this story to gain international attention in his rise towards power. His thirst for power is growing immensely and I can sense that he is eager to be the Malaysian PM in each and every way possible. Because at this point, I think he wants revenge. He seems to be a man full of vengeance at this current state.

I could be wrong too but whatever the case. I believe this time round, a group of people will go to jail.

News In A Flash!

What’s Abd?!!
I’m Back!!!
Wahhh, been gone for a week!! So, What’s Abd?!!
Well, a lot actually!!! I’m not sure what I should begin talking about.

How about you start right from the day you left? What was interesting? What news did you manage to cover?
Here’s the first piece! Malaysian PM Abdullah said that he was going to resign from his premiership post. However, he is going to contest for the Presidency post of UMNO.

Woahhh…. Serious?? So, will we see a new PM?
We could actually see with so much clout hanging over the hottest seat in Malaysia’s Government. However, no one should be too optimistic should he step down.

Huh? But why??
Well, because there is no strong candidate to take over that post. Failure to elect a capable premier better than the current one would result in a bigger calamity and spell economic, social and racial strife within the nation. Insurgency within party ranks and members of the coalition is also very likely.

Well, isn’t there the Ex-DPM Anwar Ibrahim?
Sure he can be the next PM. However, would electing him be in the best interest of the nation? Without a doubt, his resume is impressive and he could have actually already become the PM had he not been dismissed and sent to prison. In the current situation, the nation needs more than just one option. It is after all in the name of democracy. You understand right?

Yeah yeah.. Now I understand. It is apparent that there is no one else capable of taking over the post of PM and no one else has stepped up to prove that he is worthy of that post other that Anwar Ibrahim. Sigh… Okay, so, what other news do have to share?
In Singapore, Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that they would be putting up several more gantries along the roads of Singapore.

What?? Isn’t there a lot of gantries already? Really Pay And Pay ahh!!! What’s the reason this time?
LTA mentioned that the average speed plying along certain roads is extremely slow and thus, causes congestion. This is a result of too many vehicles using that road to just pass through. Therefore, LTA will be placing gantries to deter motorists who use that road to just pass through. Passing through would mean paying a toll for slowing down traffic speed. They would also be extending the gantry time at the Central Business District (CBD) area.

What? Average Speed? Pass Through?
Yes, LTA calculates average speed of vehicles. To be more exact, taxis. And based on the average speed of some of these taxis that have been put on their special tracking system, they work out how fast or slow that particular road should be travelled on to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Taxis?? That’s unfair la!! Taxis naturally travel slower along those popular roads and even stop at long periods because they want to get passengers!
Hmmm, I’m not sure if LTA includes that when conducting their study. But well, according to LTA, business among those popular stretch of roads has increased despite these implementations because the smooth traffic is encouraging to tourists who wish to ply along those roads to shop in ease.

So, this is because of tourists?
Well, Singapore’s economy is heavily dependent on tourists. Therefore, most of the implementation of projects in Singapore is geared towards attracting tourists. No tourist = No economy/ Slow economy

Ohhh… I see.. So anything else you want to tell?
Ahh yesss… There will be a new correspondent joining us soon to contribute to What’s Abd. The correspondent has expressed a deep interest to write for What’s Abd. So do look out for the new correspondent!

Wah!! Recruitment Drive huh??? Need more people ehh?
For those people who are interested to join What’s Abd can contact Abd either through the chat board or send him an email (abdillah_spy007@sseayp.sg) personally and express their interest. However, they will be scrutinised for their writing style because What’s Abd has a different reporting style different from all the other news avenues.

Ohh yess! I agree!! It is easy to read and understand What’s Abd and readers actually get a better understanding of the story too! So do you have to be Singaporean?
No no… There’s no need to be Singaporean. In fact, you can be from any other part of the world! And better too!! News outside of Singapore and Malaysia. Do be informed though that What’s Abd preferred if you were reporting from United States, United Kingdom or from Middle East as these are What’s Abd main coverage aside from Singapore and Malaysia.