We Are All Running A Business

You might be thinking how is it that you are running a business when you aren’t running any at all.

Do not be alarmed and read on.

We are all running a business, a business in which the business name is OUR NAME, the business ethics is OUR ETHICS and the business operations is in OUR BEHAVIOUR.

Rather than focus on what a Corporate Business runs like, reflect on OURSELVES as the Corporate Business.


I have a name and my name is Mohamad Abdillah. It has a meaning too. It means The Last Messenger (Mohamad), The Faithful Servant of God (Abdillah).

That simply means that in my business, I seek to be a messenger as the faithful servant of God. And since I’m carrying God’s name, it is my duty to serve him wholeheartedly and to uphold what he has decreed to all man and to continue spread his words to others.


What are your personal ethics?

I believe in the following when I deal with people:

  • Being Honest

Anyone likes to deal with someone who’s dishonest? Being honest also means that when something is promised, you need to live up to that promise.

An example of honesty that I strongly believe in is Punctuality because when I promise someone that I will be there in 10 minutes, I have committed myself and I must ensure that I can be there in 10 minutes. And if I am unable to be there in 10 minutes, I have to be honest with whoever I made the promised to by informing the person in advanced before which brings me to my next point….

  • Maintaining Good Relationship

Linking this back from the above point on Honesty, informing the other party that I am unable to be there in that 10 minutes that I had initially promised is done out of pure courtesy for the other person.

It’s not appropriate to make the other person wait without any reason for more than 10 minutes. That’s just plain rude and dishonest.

Hence, maintaining a good relationship is also important for me, as a business, as my own business of Mohamad Abdillah.

  • Helping Others Find A Solution To Their Problems

Besides Honesty and Maintaining A Good Relationship, this last point is something that I believe in as a business of Mohamad Abdillah.

I find joy in helping others find a solution to their problems because we all need assistance one way or another. And if my business of Mohamad Abdillah means ‘to be a messenger in serving God faithfully’, it also means that I need to help others when approached.

Of course, this assistance must also be in line with God’s teachings.


Having a good business name in the meaning and ethics doesn’t mean anything if what you believe in doesn’t tally with how the business operates.

The operations of the business is essentially what people talk about, ‘Word of Mouth’.

And ‘Word of Mouth’ is a very powerful tool indeed! 

It is a form of advertising and marketing that trumps above any other kind of advertising and marketing.

If someone speaks well of you, you can be assured that there will be a lot of people who will want to be around you. 


That’s why we are all running a business, a personal one.

Don’t ruin your business because you will be ruining your own Opportunities.

If you’re employed in a job and not receiving those promotions, could it be because ‘Word of Mouth’ about your business (YOU) is not good?

And so, you should reflect on yourself should you be out of a job one day on why your business had failed.

(Just in case you’re wondering what business I run professionally, it’s By Definition Pte Ltd and Singa-sports Academy (www.singa-sports.com))

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