RATU Episode 5 Recap

Did you catch RATU Episode 5?

I was there at the studio once more to catch the show and here’s what I thought of it.

‘Mother’ was the theme for this week and holy guacamole! It was heart-wrenching, tear-gutting and poetic.

For the start of the show, the ladies were dressed to ‘Mother Nature’ and looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved it even more when they made their reappearance in their kaftan dress which totally blew my mind away.

It would be outrageous but I would have loved to see the ladies dressed to look like Amazonians… now, that would have been ‘Mother Nature’ but would have probably resulted in the channel and a few heads to roll since it would have been pretty skimpy. Nonetheless, the ladies were gorgeous in what Azni Samdin had put them up for.

I absolutely also love that this week, they had their hair down and all the more they looked more at ease with themselves.

But well, here’s what I noticed about their catwalk, I think they need to move the body a little bit more especially during the pose. The shoulders need to have bigger movements cause it’s usually so subtle, looks very stiff I think.

Watch this video, the shoulder moves are gorgeous, provides more angles and lets you see more of them, no pun intended!

Okay well, I’m not sure if the ladies are allowed to move like that although I really hope that they would for the next show and well, I’m no supermodel to dictate.

Moving on to the comments…

For the most part, it was good. They just need to remember not to rush through when they deliver and probably, to hear themselves repeat it a few times so that it would sound more natural.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

IMG_3051 IMG_3055

Khairul, my ex student

Khairul, my ex student

IMG_3062 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3075 IMG_3079 IMG_3084 IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3099 IMG_3104 IMG_3108 IMG_3112

The Ladies with Guest Judge, Rita Zahara

The Ladies with Guest Judge, Rita Zahara

What’s even more exciting about this episode was that the first person to greet me with such excitement was a young man who looked so familiar and kept calling me, Cikgu Abd. I didn’t recognize him at first until a bit of memory jogging later and voila! My ex-student whom I taught Public Speaking and there he was to do a little bit of singing during the recitation of a poem, ‘Ibu’ (Mother), by the ladies.

And since we’re at it, this was indeed an emotional piece. The emotions just built up bit by bit until Wida Alisa finally took to the mic and delivered her lines just the way I imagined it and broke down.

A perfect ending to the entire segment.

But well, another two got booted out this week.. Jannah Jakasha and Elfiana Ismail.

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