RATU Suria Ep 6 Recap

It’s already episode 6 and that means there’s only 2 more episodes to go before we will uncover the first and possibly, one and only RATU Suria.

As I’m typing this down, I’m watching StarWorld and watching a re-run of 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yesterday, for the first time, I finally saw the girls walking down the catwalk and look like they were really enjoying it, as how I would enjoy when I watch VS Fashion Show. Except of course, the girls were covered up in every department.

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Fauzie and Marina opens the show

Never mind with my Victoria Secret fantasy, this is a family show after all.

But the girls were definitely strutting the catwalk with so much more energy in their feet and smile and much more movement on their shoulders during the poses (aka CONFIDENCE). I can remember very clearly Wan Anisah flipping her hair before she took the walk. I thought, “THAT WAS HOT!”

The Question and Answer session this week was also a bit different, the girls didn’t know what question they’d be asked although I have a feeling the list of questions were listed and given to them because all of them jumped at the question, as if they had studied for it.

Nonetheless, most of them had answered well. Questions were mostly about Communication and whilst most questions were easy, I thought that the question that Tiara Atyra got was the hardest of all – Emotional Awareness.

Even I had to pause for a bit to think, and I think that should be how all future Q& A should be.

The audience should be allowed to see how the contestants undergo the thinking process. I figure that it would be important to be able to see how the contestants ‘think on their feet’ since the challenges have all been edited and we are also entering the last two episodes. We need to be able to see more of them.

Nevertheless! I was impressed with most of the answers because most of the answers would have been something I teach in my Public Speaking class anyway.

The girls had a very service-oriented challenge.

Split into two groups, Fauzie’s group went to Spa Jelita whilst the other went to Sedap Corner.

I think it was a very good challenge and I thought that it would have been much better if the audience would have been able to see and hear the contestants interacting with the customers and amongst themselves. On the whole, the challenge would have been advantageous to some since the individual task given varies and if the girls were given a task they were extremely familiar with because they have done it before (been in the service industry), it would have been a breeze.

But well, this is a competition anyway and life’s not fair.

Then we had the final walk.

The girls had to catwalk in their kebaya batik in high heels (surely not barefoot right?). Having seen them look so stunning in their first catwalk, I expected the same for this last one but alas, it was a bit disappointing. Some of the girls look like they were in a rush and it was just oh so disappointing.

I think at this point of time, the girls need to realise that they are in a competition to win and they must do what’s best to make them look good. The catwalk is their time on stage, just like a performers’ time on stage. Regardless what the director has instructed to be done, the performer determines what and how the audience judge.

No Elimination

No Elimination                  sa

No one got eliminated this week but that only means that we will see FOUR girls booted out next week because we can only have FOUR girls for the finals.

RATU Episode 5 Recap

Did you catch RATU Episode 5?

I was there at the studio once more to catch the show and here’s what I thought of it.

‘Mother’ was the theme for this week and holy guacamole! It was heart-wrenching, tear-gutting and poetic.

For the start of the show, the ladies were dressed to ‘Mother Nature’ and looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved it even more when they made their reappearance in their kaftan dress which totally blew my mind away.

It would be outrageous but I would have loved to see the ladies dressed to look like Amazonians… now, that would have been ‘Mother Nature’ but would have probably resulted in the channel and a few heads to roll since it would have been pretty skimpy. Nonetheless, the ladies were gorgeous in what Azni Samdin had put them up for.

I absolutely also love that this week, they had their hair down and all the more they looked more at ease with themselves.

But well, here’s what I noticed about their catwalk, I think they need to move the body a little bit more especially during the pose. The shoulders need to have bigger movements cause it’s usually so subtle, looks very stiff I think.

Watch this video, the shoulder moves are gorgeous, provides more angles and lets you see more of them, no pun intended!

Okay well, I’m not sure if the ladies are allowed to move like that although I really hope that they would for the next show and well, I’m no supermodel to dictate.

Moving on to the comments…

For the most part, it was good. They just need to remember not to rush through when they deliver and probably, to hear themselves repeat it a few times so that it would sound more natural.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

IMG_3051 IMG_3055

Khairul, my ex student

Khairul, my ex student

IMG_3062 IMG_3067 IMG_3070 IMG_3075 IMG_3079 IMG_3084 IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3099 IMG_3104 IMG_3108 IMG_3112

The Ladies with Guest Judge, Rita Zahara

The Ladies with Guest Judge, Rita Zahara

What’s even more exciting about this episode was that the first person to greet me with such excitement was a young man who looked so familiar and kept calling me, Cikgu Abd. I didn’t recognize him at first until a bit of memory jogging later and voila! My ex-student whom I taught Public Speaking and there he was to do a little bit of singing during the recitation of a poem, ‘Ibu’ (Mother), by the ladies.

And since we’re at it, this was indeed an emotional piece. The emotions just built up bit by bit until Wida Alisa finally took to the mic and delivered her lines just the way I imagined it and broke down.

A perfect ending to the entire segment.

But well, another two got booted out this week.. Jannah Jakasha and Elfiana Ismail.

RATU Episode 4 Recap

This is a little late but better than never for my first studio coverage of RATU.

So, here it goes for RATU Episode 4.

First and foremost, I must applaud the girls for how they delivered their comments. It was a stark improvement from the previous episode and they ought to maintain it whatever they did for the this episode. 

The challenge they had for this episode was re-enacting scenes from photographs at Maya Gallery. The photographs were then taken by The Big Shot winner, Affandy Razak.

I’m no photographer or model so I can’t quite give elaborate comments other than “Gorgeous!”, “Beautiful!” and “Nice!”.

Of course, photographers would hate to hear the word ‘Nice’, cos ‘Nice’ is just a 4-letter word for all the effort that has been poured into bringing the picture alive.

So, enjoy the photos!

With Pujangga Malam, Eddy and Wilson

With Pujangga Malam, Eddy and Wilson


RATU Episode 3 Recap

This would officially be the first recap I’m doing of any RATU episode since I wasn’t around for the first two and thus, the only episode I managed to catch and have time to make comments on would be for this 3rd one.

This being the first one that I watched, I didn’t know what to expect and I have for the most part, avoided reading comments or posts that others may have uploaded about to not tarnish my viewpoints.

So, whatever you read here and from now onwards with regards to RATU is based on my observation as an audience who enjoys watching Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show (who doesn’t right?) and my experience and knowledge within the context of what the episode is about.

I’ll begin with the CATWALK.

I think the ladies need to slow it down and enjoy the time they have on the catwalk. They looked like they were rushing, probably that’s how I look like when I walk since EVERYONE who goes out and takes a walk with me says that of me.

Then again, perhaps the ladies were being rushed, although I hope not because the point of the catwalk is to let you show your stuff down that runway. 

So, in gist, a few things I hope to see in the next episode will be:

  • A more patient catwalk 
  • And perhaps each girl to develop their own style/personality on the catwalk 
  • FLIRT with the camera! 

Moving on next will be on the Silat segment.

I’m no national Silat exponent but I used to practise Silat when I was much younger and I didn’t think that the kind of Silat display that the girls performed did them justice. If anything, they looked like kids who decided to wear their parents oversized bathrobe and perform Silat moves after watching some Jackie Chan or Karate Kid movie.

I thought that it would have done them more justice if the ladies were given more time to show what they had cause it was just a bit too rushed during the individual Silat performances. It was the Seni segment but because it was so rushed, it didn’t look Seni enough, nor did it look Silat enough. 

Soccer next! 

Well, what can I say? They really were having fun! I had lots of fun watching them kick the ball around! Maybe if they were asked to juggle the ball, that would have been more fun to watch! Can’t imagine how it’d be like if they began heading the ball.

And last but not least, I’ll talk about their prepared comments.

I hope the ladies have watched and listened to how they sound and look like when they give their personal comments on the questions. These questions, aren’t thrown off the cuff and I’m sure the ladies would have had time to Prepare and Practice beforehand. 

I will be honest that I squirmed when I listened for fear that they would sound anything but natural. So, I shall not go into details but shall instead throw a few tips that I teach my own students. Since my company, By Definition, didn’t get the opportunity to sponsor free Public Speaking classes for the ladies, this is perhaps the best way for me to go about it.

  1. PREPARE once you receive the question.
  2. PRACTICE at least 3 times.


  • Conduct your own research for facts
  • Write down what you want to say. Take note on the length of time given to you. For such comments on TV, don’t take more than 20-30secs. That’s about 40-60 words.


  • Practice at least 3 – 5 times to help you get the flow of words out easily.
  • Read it, Memorize it, Believe it, Deliver it.
  • No one is a better judge than yourself. So record yourself practicing and then listen to it. If you hate it, what more others.

Okay, those are just about what I can contribute based on what I observed. 

If there’s something that I wish I could control about the show, it definitely has to be the comments section.

Missing Out On RATU Suria

Two weeks I’ve been away from Singapore for a vacation of sort (I say of sort because I was still working).

During this time that I’ve been away, I’ve missed out on Singapore’s Malay Beauty Pageant, RATU Suria. Two episodes I’ve missed out on and two ladies have been eliminated and I bet the competition has heated up! I wonder if any catfights, bitchiness or simply sabotage attempts have erupted. 

I’m getting my weird ideas from watching America’s Next Top Model, which has now also moved to Asia to be Asia’s Next Top Model. 

Yes, the girls aren’t housed together during this period of the competition but I bet you that we will be able to see loads of drama unfold and possibly, the ‘Malayness’ of the girls (in this context I mean, ‘Minahness’.

“Apasal kau tengok-tengok matair aku semalam?” (Why were you looking at my boyfriend yesterday?)

“**** mak kau ah! Korang ajar punya perempuan!! Mulut takde insurance eh!” (**** your mother ah! Nobody teach you issit woman!! Your mouth no insurance eh!)

Okay well, seems exciting to me if you ask, though I don’t think such a concept could ever materialise due to many issues.

But anyways, because I have been away for two weeks and there has been two other ‘RATU Of The Week’ (Natasha Tan Week 3 winner) and ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’ (Ayura Week 3 winner) in my RATU Suria Blog Awards, I haven’t had any time to do any interview or even, to change the photograph and so… I think it’ll be unfair for me to move on to the next RATU to be posted as my ‘Display Photo’, so I’ll post up something else instead.

For those of you who were wondering where is it that I’ve been away to:

  1. Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) Indonesia Country Programme in Jakarta, Indonesia and FUJI MARU
  2. National Seminar on Muarajambi’s Temple Site in Jambi, Indonesia and
  3. Visiting my parents in Jambi, Indonesia

I don’t think I’m going to talk about my personal experience in Indonesia in this post, but to view photos of the Muarajambi Temple Site that the Jambi Provincial Government is pushing for World Heritage Status from UNESCO, you can click here to view!

Enjoy the photos!

1st RATU Suria Blog Awards


Your clicks and whatever you did over the past week and you have chosen:




Ratu Of The Week
(14 – 22 Nov)



Jannah Jakasha

‘Most Sought Out Ratu
(14 – 22 Nov)

Alright, I will now attempt to get an interview with them and provide whoever is reading this blog with a little bit more information about these ladies.

In the meantime, the clicks are open again for the 2nd ‘Ratu Of The Week’ and ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’!

*Should either of the ladies appear TOP again, I will give it up to the next one in line so at least can get to know other girls also lah hor!

  • To begin clicking on your next ‘Ratu Of The Week’, come back to my first entry with their photos here and you do what you guys do best! 
  • For ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’, well, it’d be based on whoever appears highest on counts on the search list!