RATU Episode 4 Recap

This is a little late but better than never for my first studio coverage of RATU.

So, here it goes for RATU Episode 4.

First and foremost, I must applaud the girls for how they delivered their comments. It was a stark improvement from the previous episode and they ought to maintain it whatever they did for the this episode. 

The challenge they had for this episode was re-enacting scenes from photographs at Maya Gallery. The photographs were then taken by The Big Shot winner, Affandy Razak.

I’m no photographer or model so I can’t quite give elaborate comments other than “Gorgeous!”, “Beautiful!” and “Nice!”.

Of course, photographers would hate to hear the word ‘Nice’, cos ‘Nice’ is just a 4-letter word for all the effort that has been poured into bringing the picture alive.

So, enjoy the photos!

With Pujangga Malam, Eddy and Wilson

With Pujangga Malam, Eddy and Wilson


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