Post Friday The 13 – Living with Galleazi

When I first started out typing on a series of ‘Friday The 13’ posts, I didn’t quite know what to expect or where I was headed towards but then ideas just began flowing and I’ve decided that well, documenting my road recovery would be a great way for me to track myself as well.

So, in this Post Friday The 13 entry, I’d be sharing some of the things I’ve had to go through and the inconveniences of it all. As I type this entry, I can feel the stinging pain from the screws and/or the stitches biting into my forearm.

You’d probably be wondering why I’m still blogging when I should really be resting.

Well, I can rest but I shouldn’t remain idle, especially with my brain and besides, getting some exercise with my left fingers would be good too so it feels, normal? Right?

So, you’re probably wondering how much medication do I have to swallow down everyday?


That’s about all but I don’t have to pop all. Some of them are additional painkillers to be taken if I’m in extreme pain. So, thankfully, I’ve been able to avoid that.

Besides taking medications constantly on a 4-times a day basis, I also need to learn how to prepare myself for shower.

Showering is perhaps the hardest part for me since I need to wrap my hand in plastic to ensure that it doesn’t get wet and not only that, taking off my clothes is also perhaps another huge challenge.

Typically, it takes me close to 1 hour from start to end of my shower.

And here are some photos to tell you why. Keep in mind too that I do this all on my own using only my right hand.

Took me a good 30 minutes first time I did this.

The initial attempt to save plastic.

A better 2nd day attempt.

I no longer need to ‘plasticize’ my knee but I’ll need to continue with my left arm though for about another 8 – 10 weeks based on my understanding of my injury.

Amidst all the adversities I’m faced with, some joys do ring my bell occassionally. I’ve received hampers and flowers since word got out.

This hamper came from ex-colleagues at Suria.

Thanks Reha and Ishak for this!!
Love the balloon!!

This bouquet is courtesy of a friend from Mendaki, Hamidah.

Thanks Hamidah!!
I’ve placed them in my room 🙂

Pretty self explanatory for this one 🙂


It’s also been quite a hassle for me to go out though cos I couldn’t fit into any top that I have in my wardrobe. I had to give my class away past Tuesday because no top of mine could fit through my arm.

Notice that the bandage is huge!!

My sleeves were stuck at my elbow!!!

But thankfully, an appointment with the Occupational Therapist allowed me to have much fancier looking bandage and one which will allow me to wear clothes.

It’s not exactly the kind whereby one can draw and scribble but at least this one’s much more comfortable.

To end things off, here’s a video of what I can really do with my left hand.

And the condition that I’m faced with?

It’s Galleazi Fracture.

Click on it to read more!

X-ray photos shown are exactly how it looks like with mine

7 thoughts on “Post Friday The 13 – Living with Galleazi

  1. Assalamu’alaikum.

    Just to share with you that there are many ways we can perform our prayers.. Even if we are bedridden and unable to move. We can perform our prayer sitting down, lying down or if you can’t move, you can even just use your eyes. Do ask an ustaz about this so that you can still perform the prayers.

    Hope this helps. Speedy recovery.


  2. Oh I see. For ablution, I’m sure there are ways too. It’s good if you can find out about it. Then at least you are learning something meaningful as a result of this accident. Do share with us how you have your ablution k 🙂

    Btw people at war, they can take ablution with their army boots on too. You can perhaps read up about tayammum? Not sure if it’s spelled correctly. My knowledge on this is very basic but your entry has surely made me want to find out more. 🙂


  3. Do share with us if you’ve found out about how you can have your ablution. Interesting and something new (for me). Take this accident as a blessing. Those scars will make you look more macho! 😀


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