Friday The 13 – D’Day

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I lie in bed (not mine) with the fan blowing full blast oscillating above me. Decked in my blue outfit, I’ve never worn a pair like this in my entire life, a pair of pyjamas they call it.

I had 5 other room-mates sleeping and breathing the same air with me. This wasn’t me in Old Police Academy, I was in a hospital bed, almost immobile with a drip attached to my right wrist and my left arm covered in layers of bandage.

I haven’t had a single drop of water down my throat for the past 26hrs 15mins. I had been fasting for 2 consecutive cycles but only 1 day was valid.

And I’m thinking, Ramadhan and 7th Month Ghost Festival.

I was awakened by a nurse who finally informed me what I been waiting to hear, “You’re going for op now”.

A nurse helped me change into my surgery wear and within minutes, I was lying on another bed being wheeled to another location. I was asked several times on my name and NRIC number and was asked to sign a document authorizing the use General Anesthetic.

Immediately after I had signed, I was wheeled into the operating theatre. The room was spacious and white and the first thing I noticed was the surgery lights often seen on tv and thereafter, x-rays of my forearm, enlarged.

The nurse then injected me with the anesthetic and I was asked to take deep breaths through a mask. I remember taking 3 deep breaths and next thing I recalled, was being awakened by the nurse who informed me that the surgery was done. I was having such a terrible headache and was feeling extremely sleepy.

As soon as I was transported back to my bed, I noticed the time on the clock was close to 10am and immediately I requested for a cup of water to quench my long-awaited thirst having now fasted for close to 28hrs.

I knocked out later on and was awakened again later with the arrival of my first guest, my ex-colleague from NJC. I couldn’t manage to hold a lengthy conversation and knocked out again soon after.

Several X-Rays, visits by friends, isotonic drinks and a much waited puke, I finally regained my consciousness and was able to entertain many others till nightfall.

And if you’re wondering how the hand looks like now after surgery, this is it!

And here are some photos throughout my 2 night stay at the hospital.

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3 thoughts on “Friday The 13 – D’Day

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  2. OMG, i can so relate to what you’re going through!!

    haha the clothes won’t fit. I couldn’t get dressed independently and i felt so bored.

    speedy recovery Abd!! Anything js let me know how I can help you. Maybe to complain? haha. Been there!


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