Friday The 13

Saturday, 14 August 2010 – I lie in bed (not mine) with the fan blowing full blast oscillating above me. Decked in my blue outfit, I’ve never worn a pair like this in my entire life, a pair of pyjamas they call it.

I had 5 other room-mates sleeping and breathing the same air with me. This wasn’t me in Old Police Academy, I was in a hospital bed, almost immobile with a drip attached to my right wrist and my left arm covered in layers of bandage.

I haven’t had a single drop of water down my throat for the past 26hrs 15mins. I had been fasting for 2 consecutive cycles but only 1 day was valid.

And I’m thinking, Ramadhan and 7th Month Ghost Festival.

It’s too tiring to type with just one hand………………

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