Friday The 13 – Prequel 1

Friday, 13 August 2010

The time on my watch was 1310hrs, I was running late for my weekly Friday prayers. My lesson in a secondary school located at Tampines St 32 had only ended at 1230hrs but debriefing and a short discussion had ensued thereafter.

Preferring not to be late for the sermon, I rushed to my motorcycle and ignited the engine. Within minutes, I was out of the school compound and riding my way onto Tampines St 34. As I made my approach towards the junction ahead of me, I noticed the traffic lights had turned yellow and was about to turn red.

Steadily, I clutched in on my left handlebar and kicked down a gear several metres from the junction. By now, the lights had turned red and the green arrow was blinking. I contemplated executing an Emergency Brake but realized that I was too close to the junction and such a manourve would have left me flying off my bike. I then proceeded to perform a right turn into Tampines Ave 7 in the direction of Pasir Ris.

Seconds into my turn, I felt my rear tyre shaking.

There, I thought to myself, “Counter balance to the left and face knocking into a car which was also turning right on my left. I’d have worst damage”.

That was all the time I had to think and before I knew it, I was already on the road sliding with my right knee taking the corner. I heard my jeans tore, only faintly and then my right elbow grazed the road before I came to a stop.

My right leg was partly under my bike with room to pull out. My side box had cushioned much of my fall. Without my side box, my leg would have been stucked underneath my bike and would have probably broke.

I got up and tried to bring my bike up and that’s when I noticed that my left forearm looked deformed. It was a deformity I had never seen before and on impulse, I pressed my left forearm attempting to re-fix it into shape but alas, my efforts were in vain. I dangled my left and now deformed forearm and heard some weird sounds clicking against one another.

At this juncture, I noticed that the adjacent traffic had begun to move and I was worried that I’d be causing obstruction to the traffic flow – something that I always hated. I then turned my ignition off and a glimmer of hope came.

A gentlemen came and asked me if I was ok and seconds later, another gentlemen came and began scolding the first gentlemen in mandarin for asking a stupid question. I wasn’t sure to laugh but decided to tell them that I was ok, got them to stop arguing and to assist me to push my bike to the side of the road.

They had difficulty though as this was a heavy machine but still, managed to get it to the roadside. I was then still trying to re-fix my deformed forearm back into shape when one of them informed me to stop as it may be fractured. I stopped and contemplated to call for ambulance as I had never been in such dire situation.

A police car then passed by to assist and after much hesitation, I decided that getting a paramedic to the scene was in the best interest.  Upon arrival and inspection, the paramedics took out a splint and that’s when I realized that my forearm must have been fractured.

I was, then, for the first time, conveyed in an ambulance, to Changi General Hospital.

To be continued……

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