WhatsAbd Life?


Life itself is something sacred that we must cherish.

Life is a time whereby we must live to its fullest.

Life is the only time we have to realize our many fantasies, dreams, ambitions yet balance it to ensure that we stay within our guided principles either by faith or upbringing.

In this life, I’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to a multitude of experiences either by coincidence or by pure hard work or a combination of both.

In this life, I’ve also learnt how to help and/or guide others towards that door of opportunity to that experience that they’ve been yearning for.

I’m not writing about life because I want to kill myself or sense that my time is nearing just because I’m slightly maimed at the moment. I’m writing about life because I realize that loved ones around me talk about their life on their blogs whilst I, ever since the day I started blogging at Multiply then Blogspot then here, I’ve never really talked much about my Life.

And yes, there have been people who ask me why is it that I don’t share about my life and instead find much joy into writing about others, especially those of relation to politics and social reforms around the world.

I haven’t really found the answer to that and you may or may not find the answer to that question at the end of this but I can’t find joy in writing much about MY LIFE when there are other more important things to highlight. Things which many are unaware of either through ignorance or just that they’ve been seeing only one side of the coin all the time and acknowledges that only that side exists.


I just answered that question didn’t I or did I not?

Issues pertinent to every living individual in this lifetime.

Issues that have been sheltered from you.

Issues that you know if you knew them better, would help shape the true image of the world for you.

Issues such as the cause of riots in Bangkok, Israel and Palestinian conflict, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, Government policies passed in Singapore’s parliament, etc..

Irrelevant to many of us staying a distance away from those countries affected by those issues and crisis but the world is inter-connected and those issues, affect us either directly or indirectly in many ways than one.

That holiday in Bangkok you’ve been wanting to go.

Your brothers and sisters in faith in Israel and Palestine.

Will it be safe to travel to South Korea?

Why is parliament passing this Bill?

These are questions that may or may not linger in your mind but at some point of time, I’m sure they do. And when they do, you finally decide to stay hooked to the news channel to gather more information about it to safeguard your own interest.

I don’t stay hooked to the news channel 24/7 as much as I would love to but for the times that I do, those are the precious moments where I’m just connected with the rest of the world and feed on as much information as possible.

Crazy? I know!

That’s about as much Life as I can share here with you.

I do write about Life if that’s what you’re wondering. Just a tad boring than my normal friends who write about their own lives but oh well, so whatsabd with that anyway huh?

I think it’s just more of how I write, than the content itself.

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