Out Of Retirement Injury

In this season of World Cup, I finally got down to getting out of retirement after 8 years of competitive soccer and returned back to training. What better way to return back to training then with a club which was in their off-season mode, rebuilding fitness.

Trained by an ex-national player from the 70’s era who was trained by Singapore’s legendary Uncle Choo, this was the club to be with regardless of stature or money that it possesses.

Doesn’t really help that I was the slowest during the run, zero stamina and was running slower than a buffalo, to add insult to my stamina, I got into an accident.

An accident on the field during training match.

A terrible knock to the right ankle in my hey days would just have been shrugged off and I could get up to continue with my game before feeling the pain. But hey, that was 8 years ago. I forgot how much my body had deteriorated as I lay on the field in pain crutching my ankle and couldn’t do anything about it.

It hit me then, that I needed to rebuild on all those lost strength that I had built up over the years and then lost them thereafter. All those trainings and games with club and friends were now gone and I was as good as new except for the fact that I still knew how to control the ball and read the game.

Enough said.. I can barely walk now and I have a growing table-tennis ball on my ankle.

If there’s anyone who wants to rob me now, this is your chance cause there’s no way I can catch up with you! But hey, there’s nothing for you to rob me of also cause I don’t carry anything with me when I travel!

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