Anugerah Skrin Reality Check

FINALLY Anugerah Skrin is done and over with!

Who won?

Erwin Shah Dawson and Syirah Jusri.

Erwin was a clear favourite to win right from the onset with his tall physique and good looks, there was no doubt he was going to win it regardless of his acting abilities which were, by far, let me just put it, BLEARGH.

I was never impressed by how he acted and even as the weeks wore on, his acting was just too RAW and he was just so damn rigid. I’m guessing that the reason he made it all the way to the finals is solely based on his good looks for easy marketability. He’d make a good poster boy, no doubt but sorry dude, I don’t think you possess the IT factor – at least not when you won.

So, how about Syirah then?

Syirah well, she was a surprise for me honestly. I was expecting Halimah to win instead, with her being tall and pretty looking, she would have been easy to sell on the entertainment market. But of course, amongst all the ladies in the finals, Diana was by far the most talented one and she, perhaps, received the least attention from whoever it is who was picking.

I’m not surprised though, to survive in this painful industry, you’d need to have lots of thick make-up on top of your thick skin to just be a little bit more fake when you start to meet people. The only time you’d probably be yourself again, is when you’re in solitude.

Then again, all those in the FINALS, I wish you luck in your new journey as MediaCorp’s AMU Artises.

But the biggest reality check for this Anugerah Skrin should go to those who approved the concept of this show.

The concept had been headed for disaster right from the beginning.

Here are my reasons why:

  1. It was bad enough that the hosting portion was removed (I’d have joined if Hosting was in!).
  2. Performances were not ‘LIVE’ and was recorded at some location.
  3. Judges comments and reviews could only be given after voting was done (HUGE FLAW!).
  4. Two shows per week!
  5. Results show location was at a puny studio.

Yeah.. I think that’s about it and here are my reasons why.

  1. It was bad enough that the hosting portion was removed (I’d have joined if Hosting was in!)

    There are so many acting talents out there even without the need for this show. With so many theatre groups out there, there’s an abundance of actors and actresses!

    Just attend one theatre performance and you’d be able to find really good talents! You just need to find which face would be great for screen though!

    Hosting takes a totally different kind of skill and may or may not be easy to learn and pick up. It comes with a personality to be liked on screen and the ability to adjust one’s self to the changing environments because the host needs to be able to connect with the audience instantly and gives energy to them.

  2. Performances were not ‘LIVE’ and was recorded at some location.

    This to me was the most terrible thing they could have done. To remove ‘LIVE’ acting performances preferring for recorded performances.

    The best actors from Channel 5 came out out Stage Theatre. And what does Stage Theatre do? ‘LIVE’ performances! It’s the only time that the actors and actresses have the opportunity to show what they are made up of with ZERO screw ups and if they do, they need to show that they are capable to hide it as well as they can.

    ‘LIVE’ acting also brings about more excitement and the ability to attract a bigger audience. In recorded acting, performers can afford to forget lines and have a re-shot of it but in doing so, the energy and momentum may be lost. It’s also recorded several times for the sake of camera angles which is a good thing because one would be able to see the expressions up close.

    But still, even with acting in the studio ‘LIVE’. With so many cameras panned on the performances, the cameras are still able to capture those expressions as performances are ongoing. It also brings about a more realistic feel to the audience and home viewers.

  3. Judges comments and reviews could only be given after voting was done (HUGE FLAW!).

    I’ve watched and you’ve watched and what happens? Let’s vote for our friends!! Here’s where the big flaw is because when judges are not allowed to give their comments immediately, voters only vote based on what they see and like. They are not exposed to what is good and what is bad which the judges, would have been able to provide.

    Even in teaching, assessments should be given immediately not pondered upon for several days after everyone else has made their decision then you go ‘Hey, I think you don’t deserve to win cause you suck’. It’s just too late for that.

    Judges were good though with their comments. Should the judges have been able to provide comments instantly, voters who are not swayed by friendships would have had a better knowledge on who is good and who’s not and make their decision based on it.

    The 50% votes and 50% judges as well. Just shouldn’t be.

  4. Two shows per week!

    This was just too much. Oh way too much. Too much of their faces.

  5. Results show location was at a puny studio.

    Oh please, where’s the excitement if it’s in a small studio. But then again, the whole concept needs to be addressed from the beginning before this can be changed.

I’m not the only one echoing this sentiment but rather, it is a shared sentiment with many others. Some from the entertainment industry and some from the theatre industry and some from the education industry and it all does come right from the very top.

I know that perhaps some of you reading this are involved and seething with anger at how perhaps you feel like you’ve been backstabbed but seriously, you know I’m just interested in helping to improve the whole industry. These are constructive criticisms and not mere blatant attacks with nothing to be backed-up with. You’re also probably expecting such criticisms and from what I’ve learnt from my teaching module in Assessment and Evaluation, you should be open to receiving feedbacks if it’s constructive.

Oh well, show’s over!

Let’s hope that it’ll be an uphill climb from here.

FYI, I didn’t continue with the rest of the Anugerah Skrin reviews after a certain stage because I just couldn’t bear to watch and groan. Now you know!

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