English Language Has No Diet Formula

Most students don’t realize how important the English Language is especially in Singapore.

Not only is a good command and understanding of the English Language important for communication purposes, it is especially important for students because the medium of language to teach in Singapore is English.

English in schools is used for teaching in ALL SUBJECTS except for the Mother Tongue… Duh!

The problem with students who think that English is a subject that they can afford to just achieve marginal score is that they don’t realize that the other examinable subjects requires them to understand and comprehend the question in good detail in order to be able to give an answer that is equal to the amount of understanding of what they have learnt.

Even so, if your understanding and command of English is not good, learning and revising itself will be a challenge because you wouldn’t be able to understand.

I don’t think I could pin point any particular subject that doesn’t require a good understanding and command of English other than the Mother Tongue subjects.

I’ve seen students struggle to understand the question simply because they cannot understand what the question is asking. Then they ask the examiners. It happens even to the best of students who are damn good at the subject!

So, to everyone who studies using the English Language medium – grasp the English Language! The sooner you grasp it, the easier it’ll be for you but don’t forget to master your Mother Tongue also!

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