Vroom! Vroom!!

In Singapore, turning 18 gives a lot of meaning to a lot of youths.

It gives you the many licenses that gets you around and into place.

The licenses are:
– Driving License
– Riding License
– Smoking License
– Drinking License
– More freedom to have sex license
– National Service License which includes botak head license and
– Staying out late more often license

Whichever license you fall under, turning 18 brings a new meaning to every Singaporean youth.

A gateway to adulthood, it is a form of acceptance to being considered serious about your future.

From all the licenses, I’ll focus in on the Riding/ Driving License.

Smoking and Drinking may be cool to some but the ability to Ride or Drive legally in Singapore is the ultimate license as a youth.

That is you key to being the coolest kid in the neighbourhood or simply turning yourself into the coolest kid if you were once the nerd and geek in school.

I myself, got my riding license at 18 and immediately got myself a bike. It doesn’t really matter what kind of a bike you get for yourself for your first bike. A bike is still a bike. Chicks dig it, Dicks dig it more and hate you for it if they don’t have one because just because you have a license that gives you the ability to steal their girlfriends away from them.

But with a Driving/Riding License also comes with great responsibility.

Many individuals don’t think too much about the responsibilities that comes with the license.

The license is also a gateway to life or death.

Singaporean drivers can be extremely inconsiderate and Singaporeans love to speed. 90km/hr on the expressway is simply too slow for most drivers/ riders and that includes me.

But with speeding also means lots of considerations.

Many people lose their lives to road accidents. I have friends who have lost their loved ones to road accidents months upon receiving their Riding/ Driving Licenses.

As a rider/ driver, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the roads. What you learnt as a student in the driving centres should apply even when you receive your license.

What you learnt are SAFETY ASPECTS and not simply for you to learn and use it to pass.

In my 5 years of riding and 3 years of driving, I have never been involved in a major road accidents. Minor accidents are common and expected as you attain your license but the type of minor accidents that you get yourself into is also a statement of your character and ability.

I have been knocked down by a speeding motorbike at a slip lane because the rider failed to see that there was accident in front.

I have slipped in the carpark before because I stupidly polished the sides of my tyres and it was so slippery and then oops!

And probably the worst accident I ever had, was that I knocked down a drunk cyclist. But the drunkard didn’t die cos I was traveling slow.

Still, an accident is still an accident and minor as it may be today, it could be major tomorrow.

So, for those of you who are taking up your license of have just receive your license – BE SAFE NOT SORRY.

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