The ‘Allah’ Problem

Churches being torched and riots sparking everywhere… and the worst part from all these is the result of a select number of muslims who quite obviously do not practice what is preached by the Quran.

As a Muslim, I’m absolutely devastated by what is happening in Malaysia today.

The cause of it all stems from the use of the word ‘Allah’ by Christians.

For those who are unclear about this, the constitution in Malaysia has recently been amended to allow the Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ as a substitute for the word ‘Tuhan’ or ‘God’ in their printed materials.

I certainly wouldn’t blame Christians for using the word ‘Allah’ as you will understand in later paragraphs, why they should be allowed to use that word as much as Muslims or anyone else around the world should.

The Muslim Clerics in Malaysia should address the fiery situation first to calm the people down. The root of the problem is not the usage of the word but the root of the problem is EDUCATION/ KNOWLEDGE which is something that even Islam preaches.

So much for being a Muslim but lacking in the appropriate knowledge and then trying to create a mess for the whole world to see all in the name of defending the very religion that emphasizes on Knowledge and Peace. It’s just extremely disgusting and such individuals give a bad name to Islam as a religion, as if there’s not enough going on halfway around the world with political groups fanning flames to Islam as a religion that encourages terrorism. I assure you, it’s not.

Now, back to the word in debate, ‘Allah’.

The word ‘Allah’ is a term used by the Arabs community to refer to God. ‘Allah’ has been used even during the Pagan periods before Christianity or Islam was even born. ‘Allah’ is simply a linguistic issue rather than a religious issue. The Jews who’s religion was born before Christians and Islam have a name to call God, ‘Yahweh’. ‘Yahweh’ is simply God in Jew’s language.

Muslims the world over need to understand and be enlightened that the word ‘Allah’ is simply a language translation for God and IS NOT exclusively to be used by Muslims. Anyone who speaks Arabic will call God as Allah. And in history, Christians and Muslims are both Arabs which means to say that both Christians and Arabs are free to use the word ‘Allah’ in their printed materials to refer to God.

I had a debate with mom yesterday about this and she was extremely defensive about the usage of the word having believed and been taught all her life that ‘Allah’ is only exclusive for Muslims. But thank god, this morning, she went for religious class and sought to clarify on this issue with the cleric teaching the class who shared with her what I have just shared with you.

SO, put it simply, seek knowledge when in doubt and react in peace.

Torching places of worship is a definite NO NO unless it’s accidental lah..

Resorting to violence in pursuit of religious beliefs is also a NO NO cause then you’re not practising what the very religion is preaching.

So hail to the mighty god and may peace triumph once again.

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