Singapore’s Ghettos

It was recently mentioned by Singapore’s Minister of Muslim Affairs, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, of how a small section of the Malay community is blundered in a state beyond the poor. These group of Malays have created for themselves a life and culture of their own.

Common traits evident in this community is that they live in small one-room flats, spot tattoos on their bodies, have plenty of illegitimate children and are do not hold any kind of employment or rely on an individual to support the livelihood of everyone in the household.

It is a sad story when we look at their lives but then one begins to wonder, if they didn’t put themselves into that mess, who did?

The culture of this now seemingly popular ghetto seems to be taking a hard toll on the women especially. The women are left burdened by guys who leave them as soon as their girlfriends are pregnant. Who’s to be blamed? Who should take responsibility?

Truth be told, it is a responsibility for both parties but in such circumstances where both parties are not legally married to one another, it leaves plenty of question on the responsibility that they should take upon themselves.

In this instance where none are married to one another, it’s always the women who needs to shoulder a heavier role of responsibility. Therefore, the women needs to be responsible for their benefit. Stop sleeping around irresponsibly and you wouldn’t get pregnant. Simple to say but hard to do especially in times when they are jobless and the only job to do is open their legs and create a job opening for someone who is looking for one. Unfortunately, they don’t get paid. Even prostitutes have it better.

It’s really painful just reading about it but you can’t shake off the fact of how stupid they possibly could. Maybe getting pregnant the first time was a mistake but to get pregnant over and over again. They must be really stupid and poor not to be able to afford contraceptives which cost $3 and be dumb enough to let someone plant seeds of life into them.

Such females embroiled in the situations also refuse to work, claiming that no one will be home to take care of the babies. Well, you only have yourself to blame for your situation then and they all seem to agree that their way out of such situations is through marriage with a man who loves them and who loves the children that they bore.

Isn’t that sweet how love and marriage changes paths. But marriages can only change paths if the man they marry is inspired to change the life they live. In most cases reported, these men hold low paying jobs which could be enough to support themselves only. And these men are then placed on the responsibility to juggle the finances of the entire cluster of humans living in the household which consist of his wife, his in-law (mom only usually, dad would have left), wives children that don’t belong to the guy, wife’s siblings (usually females), wife’s nephews and nieces (the siblings usually have kids too!) and then himself as well. In such a situation where he has to support such a structure, it is no surprise that the guy would bail out and divorce the lady as well because even he doesn’t have enough to feed himself!

It’s a vicious cycle which will span over multitude of generations unless put to a stop.

There really isn’t much that the nation can do to help.

I have the solutions but it’s inhumane.

– Shoot them dead (Best solution!)
– Send them to prison (Free accomodation and they will definitely not reproduce)
– Let them become prostitutes (at least they earn money)
– Open a facility where they will be put to live there in-house for 3 – 5 years or indefinitely. It’s a prison sentence of a different kind. They pick up new skills courtesy of companies/ schools/ individuals who are willing to volunteer their time. Once they are more competent, they can be sent out to work to earn their few bucks worth. They’re wages are paid directly to the facility who will manage their finances. But they need to stay in a job for at least 2 years. Else, the penalty will be forfeiture of a percentage of their wages. Once they have some form of savings, they can be transferred to dormitory whereby they’ll need to start learning how to pay for their cheap rent and where they will be required to manage their own finances. They need to hit a ceiling amount of savings within a certain period of time, afterwhich, they will then be asked to move out to rejoin the society and rent proper flats. Rat race begins once again for them. Hopefully, they’d be better equipped then.
– If my best viable solution above fails because they fall into the trap again, then shoot them dead.

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