Don’t We All Love Beauty With Brains?

Everyone loves having or going out with someone who’s hot but everyone loves going out with someone whom they can hold an intellectual conversation with. One that can sustain for hours on one end with probably no conclusion to it because beauty is just temporary, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves. But of course, we all want both the hot and brainy one. It keeps us all the more physically and intellectually engaged.

Beauty is an effect which can cause multitude of goodness and catastrophe.

Beautiful people get a lot of things going their way (scientifically proven) and beautiful people are also known to have caused much destruction to other’s lives as well (think Tiger Woods).

In a relationship with a beautiful person and perhaps one that’s both beautiful and brainy, one needs to be able to learn how to pick up signs whereby they need to press the distress button or just leave.

Beautiful and brainy people could be a catalyst for destruction especially to those who fail to see.

People who are beautiful and brainy know that they are god damn attractive because they’d have a legion of followers and admirers. It gives them plenty of option and these people who are attracted to them would do pretty much a lot of things for them.

When the people who are attracted to these beautiful people give in to them, it gives them a bigger ego boost thus, giving them the impression that all those who bow to them, is willing to go extra miles for them to make them happy at the expense of their own happiness.

A beautiful guy may have a 7-inch dick that all women go crazy over and a beautiful lady may have 36C boobs and a vagina that’s pink and succulent OR they may not. But if you think about it, the dick is still a dick and the boobs no matter how big or small still gives out milk and is made up of fats and the vagina is still a gateway to heaven for most guys, no matter what shape, size or colour it is. (but of course, opinions may differ on the above)

But that’s besides the point, people going out with such beautiful people are blinded by the beauty that they’d suddenly realize they are giving in to all the demands of the beautiful people. They do the beautiful people every bidding or try to live up to it. They answer their calls and entertain them all the time failing to realize that the beautiful person may just be bored of talking to another and decided to call you instead. They’d also then get scolded by the beautiful people when they fail to do certain things for the beautiful one and they’d be willing to just sit and listen and then go through it many times over.

Beautiful people have a lot of admirers coming on to them.

People who go out with beautiful people should be extra careful. Whilst it is exciting to be seen out with a beautiful and brainy person, it may not lead to happiness.

People who continuously give in to beautiful people realize that soon, whilst the beautiful one may like them after a short while (well who wouldn’t like someone who gives in?) the attraction will soon fade because it gets really boring to have everything too easily and eventually, the beautiful one will just tell that poor person, ‘Let’s just be friends’.

People who intend to go out with beautiful people should do a little bit of background research, find out who that person is, when they’re last relationship was, what happened to the last relationship and are they going out with anyone and if yes, with how many?

And well, if your beautiful one starts being demanding on you and you don’t like it cause it’s not you. Then I suggest that you just walk away and go out with another. The beautiful one will start thinking what’s wrong with they’re beauty and brains (if any) and trust me, the beautiful one will come running back for you in time to come cause they’d get bored of the other people who easily give in to them.

And by that time, you’re the one in control because by then, beauty no longer counts.

And if you’re a beauty reading this, I bet you’d want to kill me for telling the world.

But well, not every beauty with brains is as such but just be extra careful!

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