No Action Talk Only (NATO)

In life, we come across many types of people either at school, work or play. And during these times, there’s bound to be certain individuals that stand out amongst the rest. The individual that commands and the individual that is pretty well looked up upon to. Some of these individuals are nominated/elected whilst some are well forced to be in that position by means of hierachical structure.

These individuals are whom we call Leaders. But not everyone in that position is a leader, some of them are just managers disguised as leaders.

Whatever or whoever it is, at times we are forced to work with that particular individual and have to live with how much we love or hate the person’s style of working/ playing.

Generally, everyone loves someone who’s able to joke with them, inspire them, encourage them and also be able to do the work/task that is delegated or at least understands what needs delegation.

And then there are others who are just good at talking but doing nothing.

These individuals fall under the NATO act – No Action Talk Only

Common positions for such individuals are politicians and appointed CEOs. And most of the time, these individuals are labeled as leaders.

These individuals heavily employ the NATO act. They point fingers, they use eye power and most of the time they use mouth power (god i wish they use those mouthwash sometimes). They get pissed and angry when the person whom they delegate the job to can’t get the work done. But they love to dream big and come out with beautiful pictures of which the burden of attaining the beautiful picture falls on others under them whom they wear their power of authority.

It’s not that it’s wrong but most of the time, these individuals can’t actually do the job themselves or can’t even do half of that job which they delegated but they just love pushing the blame on others. I know that that’s the purpose of delegation – to let someone else more proficient handle the task. So, if you’re delegating a job that you can’t do for yourself, it’s best to just be empathetic and not blame the person when things screw up or go wrong.

But on the other hand, if you are able to do the job that you delegated because you need to focus on something else. Make sure the person taking the job knows what to do. Sometimes, people just say ‘Yes Sir!’ out of fear or out of participation because they want to be involved. They just have no idea on what to do or how to go about doing it. If they look to you for coaching and they are willing to learn then you’d have achieved something! But if they don’t know how to do but don’t bother, then when things screw up, you have every right to screw them back!

But to make my case in point here.

There’s just a lot of NATO individuals out there. If you happen to be one of them reading this, time to change man. Cos respect ain’t coming your way with NATO.

If any of you whom I work with think I’m a NATO, tell me! I accept your criticism with an open mind but don’t flinch when I give you my honest feedback as well. It’s always a two-way thing 🙂

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