Are You IT Enough?

What’s Abd?!!
Human 2: “Arghhhh… &*&(#)(^*HJDK!!”
Human: “Hey, so stressed out. What’s Abd?”
Human 2: “I’ve got tons of work on my desk and it’s never ending!”
Human: “So, shouldn’t you get to work instead of spending your time on Facebook or chatting on MSN?”

Human 2: “Can’t I take some time off to relax for a while?”

Human: “Sure you can! But you’ve been Facebooking since you got in at 9am and it’s already lunch time!”

Human 2: “Don’t spout nonsense! I’ve been doing some work okay. I’m multi-tasking.”

Human: “I think if you stop spending so much of your time on Facebook and chatting, you’d have completed most of your work by now.”
Human 2: “Oh shut up! Don’t tell me what to do.”
Human: “Okay sure thing, just stop grousing about the amount you have when you are busy replying messages on Facebook and MSN.”

Human 2: “Boss is Facebooking too you know! I just saw him post a message.”

Human: “Yah so? He is the BOSS after all and he is paying you to do a job that he doesn’t want to do.”

Human 2: “Arghhh… ^&*# YOU MAN!!”

For those of you who work in the office and is probably IT Savvy, the conversation above would have probably struck a chord with you at some point of time.
It is absolutely normal in this current space and time to be on the internet doing things other than what you are supposed to do (like what you are doing now). It is alright to do such things occasionally but if you are an employee, then perhaps you should know what you are getting paid to do.
Your payroll is not dependent on the amount of time and messages you send on Facebook unless you work for Facebook. Your payroll is also not dependent on the time you spend chatting on MSN or the time that you spend reading blogs (like what you are doing now).
Your payroll is dependent on your primary jobscope like finishing that report on the desk or calling up customers/ vendors, getting more business for your company. Not everyone is perhaps suited for the office job.
The conversation above is totally all too familiar with me and for those of you who work in the Civil Service, would probably know that too. It’s a totally new culture in the office to Facebook and MSN more, than to get work done. It does hit me at times too but I’m not a big fan of Facebook so I don’t Facebook unless I receive something in my email that requires me to approve, reject or reply.
The only vice that I have is chatting on MSN but even then, I do that only when I’m not busy.
Another such situation that takes away plenty of time is when your colleague who is employed and supposedly knowledgable and IT trained, does not even know how to use basic applications.
So what happens then?
Let’s take a read below
IdioT: “I’m wasting so much time on this! Can you help me out with this? I’ve spent almost the entire morning figuring the tables”

ExperT: “Hey, sure thing. This is simple! *Shows a few clicks and moves the mouse around*”

IdioT: “Hey! That’s easy! I could have figured that out myself!!”

ExperT: “Yah right! If you had, you wouldn’t have half a day cause I took half a minute!!”

IdioT: “Aiya, you know lar all these things. Keep changing all the time. Upgrade here, new version. It’s confusing!”

ExperT: “Stop giving yourself excuses. This is basic applications that you would have learnt! Everyone learns this in school. It’s a module in every course in uni/ poly/ secondary!”

IdioT: “I’m just not a technical person. I can do better by hand”

ExperT: “You are doing it by hand. You are merely transferring data into a place where you don’t need to worry about pens, pencils and erasers.”

IdioT: “Ya la Ya la! I still have a lot to finish abd!”

Idiot: “Errr anyway, how do I bold the letterings??”

Now, how many of us face that situation above?
Perhaps not as drastic as the above but I’m sure we have faced some IT Idiots who are better paid and probably don’t deserve it because the work they do is being done by someone else smarter, more efficient but less academically qualified.
With the world of IT taking the world by storm in areas of business and education, could we allow ourselves to be left behind by the speed that technology is growing?
Are we to be blamed for our demise or should employers be more stringent in employing so that only those deserving gets paid more?
Should the world change itself to be more accepting of skill qualification rather than academic qualification?
I’m not sure but for as long as the world doesn’t change, even being a University graduate does not guarantee you an iron rice bowl.

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