Long-Time Disease

What’s Abd?!!
I wonder how women remember dates such as birthdates, anniversaries or functions without the need to write it down. It’s installed somewhere in their cognitive memory whereby it sits there like stone refusing to budge once they’ve registered it in. Worst part, they remember your numbers even when you haven’t met them in the longest time.
I, on the other hand, along with probably 95% of the men in the world suffer from the opposite. We are unable to remember such dates or numbers without the need to make reference to a note that we would have probably made somewhere on the calendar or in our diary.
Even then, we would still tend to forget because we are either looking at the wrong dates on the calendar or in the diary.
Personally, I have trouble remembering almost everything related to numbers and days. So, ladies, if you were hoping that I’d be the man you want to marry IF I had thicker and more luscious hair as well as more money, maybe you might want to reconsider because I:
– cannot remember birthdates
– cannot remember days
Now, perhaps you think it’s forgivable because if you were so important to me, I’d probably remember right?
Well guess what?
Reason being:
IF I cannot even remember my parents birthdates and marriage anniversary, what makes you think I’ll try to remember yours when I’ve been trying to remember my parents’ for the past 23 years 10 months 20 days 17 hours 32 minutes and 46 seconds, which is as of the time I typed this down. Okay, that’s not even correct because my birthday is not on 1st of January. It’s somewhere in the middle of December.
So yes, that is my disease.
A memory disease.
It’s something I’ve suffered since I have no idea when because I’ve never been able to remember birthdates or numbers.
The ONLY numbers I can remember are:
– My handphone number,
– house number,
– police emergency number
– ambulance emergency number
Because, these are THE MOST important numbers that I need to remember in case I lose my phone or in case my mobile runs out of battery when I’m lost in a foreign land.
Yes, I cannot even remember my dearest family members contact numbers.
So perhaps you are thinking how my ex-girlfriends suffered when with me?
What do you think?
Why do you think they are called ex girlfriends and I’m single.
I probably should remain single until a girl who doesn’t bother this memory disease I suffer from comes along and is able to live with the fact that I’d probably celebrate her birthday almost everyday and I’d probably celebrate our wedding anniversaries once a month, every month for our entire life, quite simply because I don’t have a good memory for such stuff.

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