2019/2020 Singapore General Elections A Huge Win For Opposition

If the Singapore General Elections were to be called for today, there is a huge chance that the opposition could win by a humongous landslide.

Whilst the PAP government is trying hard to ‘fix’ the opposition, they have also ended up fighting their own fires, fires that they started themselves and have found themselves surrounded with.

Fixing the opposition

There’s really only one thing they’ve been trying hard to fix, Aljunied-Hougang Town Council’s High Court judgement.

Better still, if WP appeal fails and Sylvia Lim as well as Low Thia Khiang are made ineligible to run for office in the next elections.

That’s the game plan at least, from the look of it.

But they seem to have shot themselves in the foot as they attempt to debate/pass a motion in parliament through none other than the next supposed incoming Prime Minister, Heng Swee Keat.

HSK fumbled in parliament on his own motion when question by Sylvia and needed coaching on the sides by PM Lee himself, who didn’t sound too happy in the recordings.

PM: No,(speaker speaking) this debate is premature … we’ll consider her point very carefully and we’ll give her a considerate response from that point whether to proceed or not

PM: Just say we need…. (mic gets cut)

You can watch/hear it for yourself here. It happens within the first 15 minutes.

I’m guessing the mic got cut out because it would have been too embarassing to let anyone hear what was said to HSK by PM.

And that was it.

Can you imagine how much more of a struggle/incapable PAP would have looked if Singapore had more oppositions in parliament. No wonder PM Lee said, “I’d have to spend all my time, what is the right way to fix them, what’s the right way to buy my own supporters over…”

If you really gave much thought to this sentence, you really can see what has been done to try to ‘buy supporters over’ and ‘the right way to fix them (opposition)’.

Never mind trying to fix the opposition, PAP now has their own problems amongst themselves to settle chief of all – PMD ban, Jurong-Clementi Town Council fire warning by SCDF, Ang Mo Kio Town Council corruption and Keppel Corporation corruption.

The PMD ban is the latest and hottest ongoing issue at the moment. An overnight ban costing the jobs of 7000 PMD delivery riders.

The government didn’t give much thought about it when they decided to issue the ban but are now constantly inundated by petitions and human interest stories are appearing all over the news of how physically disabled individuals depended on the PMD for sustenance, individuals who suffer from health conditions and illness depended on the PMD, individuals who needed the flexibility of the job to look after family members.

Good luck to PAP MPs trying to put a PR spin on this. There is no turning back. This is just going to snowball. The $7m package they put out to assist, was obviously an afterthought since it was only done after a surge of complains.

The government didn’t consult the food delivery companies beforehand, nor did they consult the PMD riders themselves!

‘With You, For You, For Singapore’ indeed. (Even they don’t dare to put it up anymore!)

Next, you have the fire that engulfed the home in Bukit Batok. SCDF had to issue a warning the Jurong-Clementi Town Council because a fire hose reel wasn’t able to be used when the house caught fire.

“Several of the hose reel cabinets had been padlocked, SCDF said in a statement to CNA on Saturday (Nov 9). Even after firefighters broke one of the padlocks, they were still unable to use the fire hose reel because there was no water supply, SCDF added.”

Can you imagine how scary that was for the residents who had probably tried to use the hose reels but couldn’t?

So much for SG SECURE. I don’t think those residents felt secure in a PAP managed Town Council.

Last but not least, we come to two corruption scandals that have rocked Singapore’s ‘clean’ government.

I don’t think much has to be said because not much was discussed in Parliament about these issues which tells you where the priorities of this government is.

AMK TC Corruption

Keppel Offshore & Marine Corruption

So seriously, if the election was called today, I’m sure the opposition would win by huge margins.

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