Living Your Dreams

Whenever you read about someone saying that you can and you should live your dreams, do you feel motivated by their story or do you just put it aside?

If you have always pushed aside such stories, then this is not for you to read.

For those who are still reading, you probably feel the same way I feel whenever I read about such stories.

I get inspired and motivated to live my dreams and like me, you probably begin to craft out some master plan of yours and then start sharing it with others, beginning within your loved ones.

And then, what happens?

1 – Your loved ones are the first ones to discourage you.

2 – Your loved ones begin pouring out their support for you.

I often receive the first one and have always received the first one. It’s discouraging but I wouldn’t blame my loved ones. They came from a poor family and lived a different dream (Dad was an orphan and as an adopted boy, had moved to Singapore to work and support his adopted family back home in Indonesia as a 13yr old till he cut ties with them. Mom was raised in a typical traditional Asian Malay family).

The first time my dreams hit a road block was when I was 10 years old when I asked my parents to send me to the Manchester United Youth Academy.

The second time was when I told my parents I wanted to start my own business after National Service.

The third was when I asked my parents if I could take a loan to go to flying school.

But through all these discouragements, thank god for me, I braved myself to ask my dad the one big question, “WHY?”

WHY discourage than to encourage?

I got my answer and it was a very simple answer. And the answer had nothing to do with stability, it had everything to do with ME as a person.


That’s all he made clear to me and from then on, there was no turning back.

I haven’t looked back since and although I’m nowhere near from my dream of being a Millionaire Philanthropist Businessman, at least I know I’ve moved further away from where I would have still been if I hadn’t taken the big step.

The future is uncertain but something is for certain; Following what God has asked of his subjects and following Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnahs in conducting myself.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein, “Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds”

Not saying that everyone who doesn’t have great ideas is mediocre.


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