Our Common Enemy

When I was younger, I was taught that in life, there will always be two opposing ends; The Rich vs The Poor, The Educated vs The Uneducated, etc.

The purpose for the creation of all these is to create a purpose for each of us, the purpose to provide balance in this world and to complement one another.

The rich may have all the money in the world but the poor always seem to be happier with less. It is then a life purpose for the rich to help the poor by providing assistance to ensure they can find a way out of poverty and in exchange, the poor heals the soul of the rich by showing them how they can lead happier lives.

It is also then the purpose of the educated to provide an education and guidance to the uneducated. The able-bodied to help the less able. The young to help the old.

We live in a world where we need balance and cooperation to co-exist.

Warring countries can stop when they cooperate.

Businesses can thrive together when they cooperate.

But there are obstacles and one major obstacle towards achieving this state of cooperation is EGO.

We all know what ego is and what ego can do to someone or a group of people. Ego only does one thing, HURT. It hurts another person emotionally and in some cases, it causes death. Ego also has immense power to do a 360 degree turn to cause hurt to the one who inflicted the ego in the first place.

In businesses, ego can result in mismanagement and clouds your good judgement.

In politics, ego causes one to lose votes.

In religion, ego leads the entire congregation to hell.

In relationships, ego creates unhappiness.

There are so many negatives that the ego can do, and if you know of any good thing that the ego can do and has done for the betterment of everyone, please share by commenting. I would really like to know.

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