RATU Episode 3 Recap

This would officially be the first recap I’m doing of any RATU episode since I wasn’t around for the first two and thus, the only episode I managed to catch and have time to make comments on would be for this 3rd one.

This being the first one that I watched, I didn’t know what to expect and I have for the most part, avoided reading comments or posts that others may have uploaded about to not tarnish my viewpoints.

So, whatever you read here and from now onwards with regards to RATU is based on my observation as an audience who enjoys watching Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show (who doesn’t right?) and my experience and knowledge within the context of what the episode is about.

I’ll begin with the CATWALK.

I think the ladies need to slow it down and enjoy the time they have on the catwalk. They looked like they were rushing, probably that’s how I look like when I walk since EVERYONE who goes out and takes a walk with me says that of me.

Then again, perhaps the ladies were being rushed, although I hope not because the point of the catwalk is to let you show your stuff down that runway. 

So, in gist, a few things I hope to see in the next episode will be:

  • A more patient catwalk 
  • And perhaps each girl to develop their own style/personality on the catwalk 
  • FLIRT with the camera! 

Moving on next will be on the Silat segment.

I’m no national Silat exponent but I used to practise Silat when I was much younger and I didn’t think that the kind of Silat display that the girls performed did them justice. If anything, they looked like kids who decided to wear their parents oversized bathrobe and perform Silat moves after watching some Jackie Chan or Karate Kid movie.

I thought that it would have done them more justice if the ladies were given more time to show what they had cause it was just a bit too rushed during the individual Silat performances. It was the Seni segment but because it was so rushed, it didn’t look Seni enough, nor did it look Silat enough. 

Soccer next! 

Well, what can I say? They really were having fun! I had lots of fun watching them kick the ball around! Maybe if they were asked to juggle the ball, that would have been more fun to watch! Can’t imagine how it’d be like if they began heading the ball.

And last but not least, I’ll talk about their prepared comments.

I hope the ladies have watched and listened to how they sound and look like when they give their personal comments on the questions. These questions, aren’t thrown off the cuff and I’m sure the ladies would have had time to Prepare and Practice beforehand. 

I will be honest that I squirmed when I listened for fear that they would sound anything but natural. So, I shall not go into details but shall instead throw a few tips that I teach my own students. Since my company, By Definition, didn’t get the opportunity to sponsor free Public Speaking classes for the ladies, this is perhaps the best way for me to go about it.

  1. PREPARE once you receive the question.
  2. PRACTICE at least 3 times.


  • Conduct your own research for facts
  • Write down what you want to say. Take note on the length of time given to you. For such comments on TV, don’t take more than 20-30secs. That’s about 40-60 words.


  • Practice at least 3 – 5 times to help you get the flow of words out easily.
  • Read it, Memorize it, Believe it, Deliver it.
  • No one is a better judge than yourself. So record yourself practicing and then listen to it. If you hate it, what more others.

Okay, those are just about what I can contribute based on what I observed. 

If there’s something that I wish I could control about the show, it definitely has to be the comments section.

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