Missing Out On RATU Suria

Two weeks I’ve been away from Singapore for a vacation of sort (I say of sort because I was still working).

During this time that I’ve been away, I’ve missed out on Singapore’s Malay Beauty Pageant, RATU Suria. Two episodes I’ve missed out on and two ladies have been eliminated and I bet the competition has heated up! I wonder if any catfights, bitchiness or simply sabotage attempts have erupted. 

I’m getting my weird ideas from watching America’s Next Top Model, which has now also moved to Asia to be Asia’s Next Top Model. 

Yes, the girls aren’t housed together during this period of the competition but I bet you that we will be able to see loads of drama unfold and possibly, the ‘Malayness’ of the girls (in this context I mean, ‘Minahness’.

“Apasal kau tengok-tengok matair aku semalam?” (Why were you looking at my boyfriend yesterday?)

“**** mak kau ah! Korang ajar punya perempuan!! Mulut takde insurance eh!” (**** your mother ah! Nobody teach you issit woman!! Your mouth no insurance eh!)

Okay well, seems exciting to me if you ask, though I don’t think such a concept could ever materialise due to many issues.

But anyways, because I have been away for two weeks and there has been two other ‘RATU Of The Week’ (Natasha Tan Week 3 winner) and ‘Most Sought Out Ratu’ (Ayura Week 3 winner) in my RATU Suria Blog Awards, I haven’t had any time to do any interview or even, to change the photograph and so… I think it’ll be unfair for me to move on to the next RATU to be posted as my ‘Display Photo’, so I’ll post up something else instead.

For those of you who were wondering where is it that I’ve been away to:

  1. Ship for South East Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) Indonesia Country Programme in Jakarta, Indonesia and FUJI MARU
  2. National Seminar on Muarajambi’s Temple Site in Jambi, Indonesia and
  3. Visiting my parents in Jambi, Indonesia

I don’t think I’m going to talk about my personal experience in Indonesia in this post, but to view photos of the Muarajambi Temple Site that the Jambi Provincial Government is pushing for World Heritage Status from UNESCO, you can click here to view!

Enjoy the photos!

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