Importance of Networking

Networking has always been a popular subject since the 90’s but it has picked up the pace since the turn of a new century.

Whilst education is still a priority in getting a good job, the network that one has could get you more than just a good job. It could land you boundless opportunities.

Having the information of a certain area/ subject is good. Being an expert in that subject is good but just as good as you are in the area/subject, so are probably another 4 billion people in the world and they may just be better than you.

It’s no longer a ‘What You Know World’ today.

It’s a ‘Who You Know World’ today but having said that, hopefully the one you know, is on good terms with you!

What You Know – Education can provide that for you. This is the basic necessity everyone needs to come prepared with. It’s not just about paper education for this. It can extend beyond paper qualifications such as abilities and talents.

Who You Know – What can I say about this? If you have the right education and skill sets but knows no one who could help you, then you’d have to wait a long time before you’d get what you want. But when you know someone who knows someone who may be able to help you, even without the education but with the right skill sets, you could very well get what you want in a much shorter time with lesser hassle.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean who you know will want to help you – not when you’re an arse. So, besides knowing who’s who, you also need to have a friendly disposition that you are loved or favoured by a lot of people. This is tricky because a few of us just have such an unfriendly disposition, naturally. We hate mixing with people and we just don’t like to be around people leaving us with very little friends and/or acquaintances.

Such people, you’d probably be good at what you do but since you’re in the unknown, no one will bother about you until you decide to open up – which in most cases, you will, because at some point of time in life, everyone needs someone.

But there’s also the issue with hypocrites… people who are only nice to people who can help them. Perhaps they could get away with it the first few times but eventually, honesty gets to them and when they realize they can’t lie no more, they’ll just turn back to their normal selves and be out of the ring. But hypocrites, usually have a good chance of turning over a new leaf and it’s much simpler for them because who’s who already knows them and just needs to be convinced that this hypo has changed.

For all the different types of people out there, everyone is different individually but each and every single one of us can learn to build these interpersonal relationship skills to help us build better relationships not just with others but also to connect with our inner emotions to understand ourselves better with hope that we will be able to have more friends and be sincere in our dealings with others.

So, networking is not just limited to human – human connections. It is also about networking within oneself.

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