The Starbucks Experience

What’s Abd?!!

A very very BIG THANK YOU to Yvonne/ Von/ Bonne (sorry dunno how it’s supposed to be spelt) for letting Faiz use the Nokia Charger.

To those of you who are wondering why the Thank You is in green and who Yvonne/ Von/ Bonne is, I took a photo of her, below!
Thank you is not in green because she’s wearing a green apron. It’s in green cause she’s working in Starbucks.

Okay, that’s the nicest photo of her that I managed to get a good shot using my Sony Ericsson.

Must tell your Store Manager to give you a pay raise and must give us more discount next time we visit your outlet. I used to get free drinks and discounts lorrrr…..

But well, the people there have changed since I was last there like 5 – 7 times a week.

All my friends have already transferred out or resigned.

Okay for those of you and Yvonne/ Von/ Bonne who is wondering why the hell am I so sappy about it. Well that’s because I used to work there!!!

I’d be stucked at the bar all shift long enjoying the Slams that come along serving lattes and cappucinos that are so over priced or I’d be out giving out sample drinks or bussing the dirty tables.

Well, I hope my photo in the customers – partners books is still there cos there’s a J-Lo in there somewhere whom I took a polaroid with. It better not be missing!

Okay, I hope you had a great shift Yvonne/ Von/ Bonne!!

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