Letting Go As A Responsibility

Letting Go is not something easy to do for me simply because I find myself greatly attached to many of the things that I love and enjoy doing but in this experience of letting go, I also understand it is extremely important to ensure that things can continue to grow to exponential levels.

Growth for me, for my company and for the people around me.

But letting go doesn’t mean letting go of responsibility, and it shouldn’t.

Letting go means delegating responsibilities that I used to do, to others; to give others the opportunity to have an experience for themselves to grow into a new capacity and by that statement, that also means that letting go is also a form of responsibility.

Just like the feline of an animal letting go of its young, it would first teach its young how to survive through teaching it the skills necessary to survive:

  • Hunt for Food
  • Defend for its Life

In that similar context, for me, letting go means that I need to do impart knowledge and skills necessary for my Business and Trainers/Colleagues to survive and remain relevant and competitive.

Not that I’m an expert or a wizard of sorts, but whatever Knowledge and Skills that I know that I have passed down/transferred to anyone, it is then left up to them to learn how to develop the Experience for themselves. But one thing will and should remain constant is their Positive Attitude towards life because as long as you remain and maintain a Positive Attitude towards life, the Experience gained will always be something positive.

Just like the analogy that I always hear of, “The teacher always teaches you 9 out of 10. The other 1 you need to seek for yourself.”

This analogy does not mean that the teacher is holding back, but what it simply means, is that to complete the training, the student must seek and develop a personal understanding of the experience for him/herself because the teacher is unable to transfer experience but is only able to share the Knowledge, Skills and Stories of his/her Experiences.

So, aside from helping to develop something phenomenal here in the US with a group of Peacebuilders, I also need to develop a system’s process on when and how to let go. Because over the course of time, I will have to continue to let go of many other things which I hold close and dear to my heart and I want to have the assurance that I have been responsible when I decide to let go.

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