Things You’ve Done For Someone

Self-titled entry, what are the things that you’ve done for someone, in my case, to win their heart?

I remember starting out quite early in trying to do crazy things for someone whom I was absolutely interested in to win her heart but of course, I don’t think it has ever worked out.

Can you remember yours?

I’ll try to list down what I’ve done.. It’s not much because the heartbreak is just too much too take.

  1. Bought a Baby-G watch for a girl I was ‘in love’ with at Pri 6 for her birthday.
  2. Sent out a song dedication (Only You by The Platters but they didn’t have it so Only You by Yazoo) on national radio, 98.7fm when I knew the whole school was tuning in.
  3. Drew a portrait of a girl, bought a necklace with her initial from Melbourne, Australia, to be given for her 17th birthday.
  4. Learnt how to play the guitar to serenade a girl.
  5. Sang songs of her and left it on her voicemail for her to listen to it when she wakes up.
  6. Dedicated a song that my band performed, to a girl in the audience during a school open house.

I think it pretty much stopped there.

None of the attempts actually ever worked out and I’m thinking if it would ever be wise of me or anyone to go all out to do things for a person.

I wonder what my next thing will be..

2 thoughts on “Things You’ve Done For Someone

  1. Saw ur tayammum video posted way back. When u have a bandage or cast on one limb, you can just sprinkle water over ur cast actually. Because there is still water available. Tayammum is done in the absence of water.


    • I’d have done that but I wasn’t allowed to let the cast get wet or moist because it’ll affect the wound.. And since it wasn’t a proper cast as in cement, water will seep through and hence, tayammum


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