Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Industry, Poor?

Poor Actor…

Let's Hope No Actor Becomes Like This

Let's Hope No Actor Becomes Like This

That’s the pseudo used by a Singaporean Malay artise to vent frustrations about working in the Malay entertainment industry.

The blog ( recently made it to the local Malay news, Berita Harian, whereby it was mentioned that the management of the organisation blogged about, Suria, was doing its’ investigations to determine the identity of the blogger in order to issue a writ of summons.

The blog has since been deleted or taken down and is no longer available.

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to read, the blogger raised issues that he/she faced working as an artise in the Singapore Malay entertainment industry – token fee for ‘LIVE’ performances, late payment by production houses for jobs completed, the lack of job opportunities as well as the many food entertainment programmes – all of which probably tells you why the blogger is a poor actor.

For someone who has never been an artise, that blog could have served as an insight into what the industry entails or could misled one into believing what the industry entailed.

Based on what I read, one thing for sure is that the individual(s) has been in the industry for a significant period of time for the following reasons:

  1. The individual(s) has been involved in several ‘LIVE’ programmes.
  2. The individual(s) has probably been an artise with the Artise Management Unit (AMU).
  3. The individual(s) has been involved in food-edutainment/entertainment programmes.
  4. The individual(s) has probably left or has been getting lesser jobs in recent years/months.
  5. The individual(s) was probably involved in one of the talent show programmes.
  6. The individual(s) never got to become as famous or popular as some of the artise mentioned OR decided after some time that fame or popularity won’t make you rich.
  7. The individual(s) is probably STILL in the industry and decided to remove the blog because didn’t want to be revealed and lose a source of income, no matter how little the individual(s) is making and of course,
  8. The individual(s) is someone who is well-versed in English based on the standard of English used – but this is of course a myopic viewpoint that I have.

Now, my assessment is based on what I read and analyzed of the entries posted.

There were however, several other posts which were password-locked and hence I wasn’t able to read.

Having said all that, what makes it more interesting was that I was informed that there was word going around in the industry that I WAS POOR ACTOR!

Now, I’m not too sure what to make out of this but I find it rather hilarious because I’ve never acted on a tv programme in Suria. The only show I’ve been involved in is Crime Watch and that was in 2006. Aside from that, the other features that I’ve had is for music videos for National Heritage Board, National Day Videos in 2009 and 2010.

That aside, I think anyone who knows me well enough would know that my television channel is constantly tuned in to ChannelNews Asia – that’s the first and last channel I watch everyday, in between, I like to watch History Channel or National Geographic. I’m pretty much not that entertaining laaa…

But whatever it is, if what was blogged about is indeed a true reflection of Singapore’s Malay entertainment industry, then I hope the parties involved would be able to make changes to ensure that artises are given a remuneration equal to that of the English and Mandarin entertainment industry (pooractor mentioned that he/she often receives token fees because of a lack of budget) and that guidelines for remunerations are in accordance to the Ministry of Manpower guidelines (pooractor mentioned that he/she often needed to chase production houses for payment) – then pooractor shouldn’t have much to fear for unless he/she had wrote something defamatory of anyone.

BUT if what was blogged wasn’t true, then I hope that pooractor ensures that he/she never gets discovered else he/she might never be able to have a rice bowl in Singapore’s Malay entertainment industry again.

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