2011 First Quarter Review

March is coming to an end soon and I cannot be more thrilled about April with the impending projects already waiting.

So, in review of what I’ve accomplished for the first 3 months of 2011 lists as follows:

  • I have an extremely organised money management system in place whereby I calculate every single penny everyday. With that, I am able to see clearly to keep track of my income and expenses.
  • I have started riding again. Thus, helping me to cut and enormous amount of travelling time as well as cost involved in taking the public transport.
  • I have been conducting workshops very regularly for companies as well as under my own name.
  • I took two teams to participate in a Malay literary competition.
  • I’m heading a special project for my reservist, effectively getting me extremely excited to serve my reservist more.
  • I bought a new laptop at a bargain! My first laptop since I was given one upon graduating from secondary school.
  • I recently incorporated a company with several friends to provide Corporate Training and Management Consulting services for Youths and PMETs. So, if you’re interested in such services and what exactly we do, you can drop us an email at info@bydefinition.net
  • I got my WhatsAbd started for a bit again…
  • I have a Twitter account, @abdillahzamzuri
  • I have a Linkedin account, http://www.linkedin.com/in/abdillahzamzuri
  • I’ve learnt how to do diaper change and shower a baby
  • I’ve developed customized programmes for a company I conduct training for
  • I’m undergoing another course, this time with the UK Teachers College to be a Certified Public Speaking Trainer with them. It’s ironic I know, because I’ve been teaching it! But it’s always a new experience and it’s always good to learn.
  • I’ve performed on stage 4 times so far this year.

All that aside, I’ve also created a ‘fan’ page for myself on FaceBook for the purposes of connecting with the many students and mentees that I’ve worked with. It’s a much more fluid and easier to manage platform than to give my FaceBook profile page itself because there’s too much unnecessary information in my profile.

So, here’s my FaceBook fan page!

Mr/Abang/Cikgu Abd

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